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Monday, June 19, 2017

Trump seems incapable of Gratitude, otherwise he would be Grateful the Media has given him a pass on his Navy Destroyer being T-Boned by a Slow Moving Frigate.

DailyPUMA has already witnessed Trump on a Navy Destroyer talking about how he was going to make the U.S. military great again. How new Navy Destroyer's would be built at billions of dollars per Destroyer. DailyPUMA doesn't like it when its own Navy Destroyer's are destroyed by Slow Moving Frigates, do you?

DailyPUMA previously made the suggestion to invite Kim Jong Un as an honorary member of NATO (This would be like having a ongoing Visitors Pass but no ability to vote or visit the sub committees) in which Jong Un would be allowed to speak at each get together, and in exchange for this inclusion, he would dismantle his nuclear program. 

So what has transpired since DailyPUMA made the North Korea as an honorary member of NATO? A severely damaged battleship that was worth billions of dollars, at least 7 dead personnel, a dead student named Otto Warmbier who was sent back to the U.S. from North Korea in a coma from which he died a week later without gaining conscience, and, no real progress, unless we consider Dennis Rodman visiting Kim Jong Un, Progress.

DailyPUMA has given the solution, one that gives Kim Jong Un an out after the jettisoning of most of his economic fuel in a nuclear research rage to gain the West's attention, just as Lieutenant Commander Spock jettisoned the fuel in the space shuttle so that it too would send out a distress flare.

So what is it is Mr. Trump, eventual annihilation of a lot of people either on the West Coast, Japan, or in North Korea, or coming up with an intellectual solution, such as awarding Kim Jong Un Honorary NATO Status?

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