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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Republicans could make the Democrat Party instantly Implode in 2017 by doing this one thing.

All Donald Trump has to do to implode the Democrat Party is to give them a choice…."You can either have Sanctuary Cities and a significant cut in MediCAID, or no Sanctuary Cities and a slight raise in MediCAID going forward".

KaBoom goes the Democrat Party.

So why doesn't Trump not offer such a delicious method of watching the Democrat Party go up in infighting flames? Either he's too obtuse to see this scenario, OR, the Republican party is trying to forestall the inevitable fight between Democrat Moderates and Democrat Progressives that is likely to happen either in 2018 or 2020. The longer the Republicans can stall the inevitable Democrat "in party Fighting", the longer it will take the Democrat Party to recover.

Why is DailyPUMA giving such a morsel to the Republican Party? Because suppression of a discovered weakness simply makes the inevitable discovery at a much later date that much more devastating. Better to focus on the scab now then try to pretend there is no scab.

As for the Wall, the Wall, if ever constructed, should be a see through wall. Whether that means Plexiglass, Shatter proof glass, Acryllic, or some type of metal webbing that can be seen through, being able to see through the wall could lower the cost of border security by 50% or more. If we can't see through the wall, then there will be less time to react to an intrusion.

Why not make the wall out of Solar Energy Panels? Would that not pay for the wall over time?

Trump could offer to make a Solar Energy Wall and give 2 million illegal immigrant exceptions for the Democrat Party to use as they see fit. 

Trump keeps trying to hammer his view of everything as if the entire country is with him, and that delusion is one that neither party is embracing. Trump's apparent lack of give and take when negotiating seems to increase on a daily basis, and his lack of desire for creative negotiating saddens DailyPUMA.

Please consider signing the Debt Neutrality Petition by clicking here.

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