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Friday, June 16, 2017

Hillary Clinton apparently doesn't feel her followers pain as Trump once again falsely assails her on Twitter

Hillary Clinton appears more focused on giving speeches, DailyPUMA presumes for a fee, or writing a book, DailyPUMA presumes for a really big fee, rather than feeling the pain her followers felt everytime Trump made a false and lying accusation about Hillary Clinton during and after the campaign. 

Hillary Clinton doesn't seem to get that at some point, one has to fight back against Trump's Bullying and inaccurate tweets. There may be some honor in taking a blow or two from a bully, but when the bully keeps coming back, a new approach must be tried. Otherwise we can just assume Hillary Clinton is going to spend the next couple of years collecting speaking fees and book writing fees, and feeling sorry for herself, when she could be using the Clinton Foundation to work on projects in the Red and Rust belt States, the people she basically ignored during the 2016 campaign, (most likely due to medically related issues she had to overcome while still campaigning), an also doing cardio, which would then allow Hillary Clinton to invalidate the tiresome Trump Bullying Tweets towards her.

DailyPUMA believes Hillary Clinton ran a heroic campaign in 2016, but it would not have been necessary if she had physically prepared from 2013 to 2016. DailyPUMA believes that Bill Clinton erroneously advised Hillary Clinton to lay low from 2013 to mid 2015 and just be a happy and adoring grandmother to Chelsea Clinton's child. However, Mr. Clinton obviously did not encourage Hillary Clinton to get in cardio shape, and to consider Clinton Foundation Red State and Rust Belt State projects to work on. Hillary Clinton seems to be holding on the misguided belief that words alone can make one victorious. As people age, they either cause people to look away as their physical fitness deteriorate, or they can be inspired if the elder person is physically fit.

If Hillary Clinton were working on Red State and Rust Belt State Clinton Foundation projects, and if she were cardio fit, she could begin to belittle Donald Trump every time he writes another stupid twitter feed. Instead Hillary Clinton takes what she delusionally believes is the high road, which is to ignore Trump. At some point, a bully needs to be bullied back by someone who can convincingly do it. Right now, in her present state, Hillary Clinton cannot do that.

DailyPUMA is concerned that if Hillary Clinton does get cardio fit within the next year, her health will deteriorate to the point where Donald Trump will be able to say, "and you wanted "that" to be president for four years".

220 days after the 2016 Election, Trump goes after Hillary Clinton, and Hillary Clinton apparently does not feel the pain her supporters feel every time Don Two Scoops Trump verbally assaults her. This disconnect is something Bill Clinton apparently understood better because when Bill Clinton said "I feel your pain", he understood what he was talking about. 

If Hillary Clinton truly felt the pain of her supporters, she would get in tip top cardio shape and begin using the Clinton Foundation to work on Foundation projects in the Red States and the Rust Belt states. Then in time, she could begin giving it back to Trump in a way that would make her supporters proud.

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Bob Harrison said...

Good point for sure on feeling the pain.

Alessandro Machi said...

Thanks Bob. While a couple of people have called me sexist on facebook for criticizing Hillary Clinton, who I want to see become president in 2020, the news today features a woman who is alleged to have hired her lover to kill her internationally renowned hair designer husband for life insurance money, and another story about an old enough to know better female teen found guilty of verbally assisting in the death of a despondent and confused male. She may have done the deed after bragging to other girls that her boyfriend was going to commit suicide and had panicked because he was still alive.
If women are not always able to police and inspire each other to be good, why are men the bad guys for pointing out things that both men and women do that don't seem to make sense?

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