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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Donald Trump misuses statistics he cites from the National Economic Research Associates to justify withdrawing from the Paris Climate Treaty.

DailyPUMA wonders if anybody in the media has even bothered to read the National Economic Research Associates report that Donald Trump refers to below.
"Compliance with the terms of the Paris accord and the onerous energy restrictions it has placed on the United States could cost America as much as 2.7 million lost jobs by 2025, according to the National Economic Research Associates.

This includes 440,000 fewer manufacturing jobs -- not what we need. Believe me, this is not what we need -- including automobile jobs and the further decimation of vital American industries on which countless communities rely -- they rely for so much, and we would be giving them so little.

According to the same study, by 2040, compliance with the commitments put into place by the previous administration would cut production for the following sectors: paper, down 12 percent; cement, down 23 percent; iron and steel, down 38 percent; coal, and I happen to love the coal miners, down 86 percent; natural gas, down 31 percent."

Donald Trump seems to be cherry picking his statistics in a way that needs to be rebutted. The idea of a more efficient economy is that less equals more. As SOLAR ENERGY usage increases, Of COURSE coal production would drop. Trump does not mention that petroleum production is UP. So between Solar Energy and an increase in Petroleum production, the U.S. is doing fine when it comes to energy creation.

As automobiles become lighter and more economic to run, Of COURSE iron and steel production will decrease. The internet has allowed for massive recycling of EXISTING parts for cars from the last 50 years, this too has allowed less steel to and iron to be needed.

Paper usage is down because of the internet and emails, is that really so hard to understand? 

As for coal miners, apparently Trump loves his coal miners with lung cancer and shorter life spans than the average American. Message to Trump, the idea is to move as much mass as possible with the fewest amount of energy and use of original raw resources. 

Trump also fails to acknowledge that the other reason for the reduction in mining of coal, steel, iron, natural gas, paper is because of Rare Earth materials. Rare Earth Resources allow for everyone to have smart phones, which is the EXACT reason why the use of all other resources have been reduced.

People can now use their smart phones to PINPOINT what it is they are trying to do, or where they are going to go, and how they are going to get there, and this has created a concept called, efficiency. To blame the reduction in raw materials on the Paris Climate Accords is somewhat idiotic. 

If Trump really wanted to help his Basket Full of Gullibles, he would INCREASE MediCAID home healthcare jobs funding, and Trump would create a program to help americans reduce their credit card debt by reducing the interest rate charges on accumulated credit card and student loan debt while rewarding those who kept lowering their overall debt load.

One other thing that DailyPUMA does not understand, how does America opting out of the Paris Climate Accords actually reduce the amount of ongoing development that growing industrialized nations will be allowed to do?

Please consider signing the Debt Neutrality Petition by clicking here.

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