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Sunday, June 4, 2017

DailyPUMA wonders how an Islamic Terrorist is being defined.

How is the media verifying that those committing acts of public terror are Islamic Terrorists?  Saying one is an Islamic Terrorist does not mean one is an Islamic Terrorist.

In DailyPUMA's opinion, an Islamic Terrorist would be a frequent practicer of the Islamic faith. The Islamic Terrorist would pray frequently, presumably several times a day, and would attend their local mosque on a regular basis.

All DailyPUMA is asking is that all terrorists not first be labeled an Islamic Terrorist, then verified at a later date, no matter who is taking credit for an act of terror.

If it turns out that a Terrorist is indeed a Practicing Islamic, and a Terrorist, then call them an Islamic Terrorist. If however, the Terrorist is simply a rogue entity, or one falsely claiming to belong to a religion when they do not keep up with what is considered that religion's norm, then come up with a new name, one that no Terrorist group can take credit for.

How about calling a terrorist a "Supplicant" instead. "The attack was carried out by three Supplicants. Suddenly no terrorist group can take real claim for an act of terror. If later on the Supplicant's are found to be practicing Christians, Catholics, or the Islamic faith, then come up with a more accurate term.

Lets not feed the Terrorists, er, Lets not feed the Supplicants.
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