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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

James Comey, June 08, 2017 Testimony will most likely ignore pertinent questions about issues that occurred BEFORE Nov. 8, 2016.

The Sham against Hillary Clinton continues. One would think that with Donald Trump openly lying when he wrote "that on three occasions Comey had stated that Trump was not under investigation", that the issue of whether or not the FBI was investigating Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders during the 2016 campaign remains the really big white elephant in the room that continues to go unobserved.

Once again the Democrat party gets fooled and schooled by the classic "Screen Play" in football. The Screen Play is when the quarterback drops back in the pocket as his blockers apparently do a poor job blocking and just as the defenders run past the blockers, the quarterback lobs an easy pass over the oncoming defender's heads and the Quarterback's receiver, with the blockers who let the defenders past them, run alongside the receiver to block the remaining defenders upfield.
The Democrats so want to prove that Donald Trump did something worthy of impeachment they will ask no questions that may sully the reputation of their new hero, James Comey.
Yet the question needs to be asked tomorrow, June 8, 2017, of Mr. Comey. 
Was Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders under FBI investigation during the 2016 presidential race? 
If the answer is yes from Comey that Trump and Sanders were also under investigation by the FBI, then the follow up question becomes... 
Then why was Hillary Clinton the only major presidential candidate that was worthy of publicly rebuking, twice? 
If the answer is...
"No, Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders were not under investigation in 2016 by the FBI", 
then Misogyny and Sexism was quite alive and thriving in 2016, and James Comey loses some credibility. DailyPUMA hopes someone will stand up for Hillary Clinton tomorrow and ask these questions of James Comey. 

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