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Monday, June 12, 2017

Beware, Republicans and Trump using Comey Circus to sneak by horrible Healthcare Reform.

Apparently Republican Senators are preparing to stealthfully vote on a crazy health care plan that is so inane it does not understand that MediCAID expansion regarding home healthcare would actually REDUCE overall healthcare costs.

Is Donald Trump purposely engaging the media and enflaming democrats over the James Comey matter so that less attention is paid to his healthcare plan that is stealthily working its way through the Senate behind closed doors? It sure looks like it. 

Republicans plan on sneaking through a Senate vote on HealthCare Reform before July 4th, 2017 so they can then somehow equate jettisoning 23 million poor people from affordable healthcare as a victory for America, Apple Pie, and fireworks. Republican politicians truly believe the poor can work themselves out of poverty and if they can't, they probably are here illegally. The insanity of this position is that literally tens of millions of americans are held in place because they provide some type of healthcare for a parent or child, they are tethered.

The same party that demands abortion be eliminated plans on aborting tens of millions of impoverished people who are tethered to another person in need of home healthcare.

Issues more important than James Comey, Russia, and Russia's involvement in the 2016 election process include how come there was no investigation of Trump or Sanders in 2016 prior to the presidential election when both had checkered behavior worthy of FBI investigation. 

Obviously the 2017 Republican healthcare act being stealthfully readied for a pre July 4th, 2017 vote is a far bigger issue than anything about Comey. Comey is a LOSER in every way. Every way. The loser could not come up with even one issue to investigate either Trump or Sanders during the 2016 presidential campaign? What a jackass!

The fact that James Comey had no Trump or Sanders investigations in the works during the 2016 presidential campaign are reason enough to not give a gob about the fool.  

The present situation reminds DailyPUMA of the Judge Judy TV show. One of the gripes Judge Judy has is when people show up who are lovers, family, or co renters, and they are trying to blame each other so that both parties can profit.
Example, one party sleeps with the other, they break up, then suddenly the spurned lover wants back rent. Judge Judy laughs at those types of cases and throws them out of her court. This is a similar scenario, we have a former republican FBI head who is airing his dirty laundry in public and Democrats being fooled into thinking something is going to come of it.

What is happening is attention is being shifted away the Healthcare Reform of 2017 until it is too late. I don't know who is in on this scam but once again, it reminds me of the screen pass in football in which the opposition so blindly rushes the quarterback they fail to see the opposing offensive lineman has let them pass so they can run downfield to block as the gentle pass is floated over the rabid, hard charging democrats and into the arms of a running back, who goes for a really long gain as a result.

It's really a shame that Democrat politicians seem to have less knowledge about sports than their Republican counterparts, because their present rabid state of affairs is going to cause an insane Healthcare Act to be enacted that will adversely affect millions of Americans.

Please consider signing the Debt Neutrality Petition by clicking here.

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