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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Now we may understand Jill Stein's role in ruining Hillary Clinton's chances, and Stein's role in the Three Recounts.

Based on the photo below that comes with the Mother Jones article you can find here

now it becomes clear to DailyPUMA why Jill Stein wanted those silly recounts which Trump's lawyers then cut off at the knees with an overwhelming amount of objections. The biggest scam about the recount was if the recount vote total in a precinct was different from the prior, already established vote total, then the original vote count would remain valid!

So basically, if one wants to screw up a Presidential Election and has figured out how to change, alter, subtract or add votes to gin the vote for a specific candidate, all one would have to do is then add in a few more uncounted votes into the voting box, thus ruining the validity of ANY recount! 

So why would Russia want recounts? Perhaps to cover their tracks?  Jill Stein (pictured in the photo with the Russian diplomats and politicians) asks for the recount (and where did all that money come from so fast to pay for the recount, will we ever know?), then Trump's lawyers simply ask to disqualify the recount vote if the vote totals don't match the original vote total, thus burying the talk of voting inaccuracies that never seemed to match the polls. 

Another reason the pre-election polls may have never matched up more closely in certain states was that people went to vote only to find they were not on the voter rolls because they had moved, something that may have happened more often in predominantly democrat precincts. Considering that 45 governors out of 50 were Republican, gerrymandering voting qualifications cannot be ruled out.

Remember how Hillary Clinton did not want the recount but was dragged into it, then disparaged by Fox News and other conservative media types, perhaps that too was part of a plot to further discredit her.

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Bob Harrison said...

Wow. Great point. I'm gonna link to you if you don't mind.

Alessandro Machi said...

You are welcome to link here. Thanks.

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