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Monday, May 22, 2017

DaiyPUMA suggests U.S. should Offer North Korea Special NATO Status.

If North Korea agrees to end its nuclear weapons program and disarm, the U.S. should offer North Korea special NATO status, one in which North Korea could attend NATO meetings, speak at NATO meetings, but not be allowed to vote on NATO issues. Involving North Korea in NATO would give North Korea the stature they are in search of and presently think can only find by launching weapons. Speaking at NATO would be huge for North Korea as it would allow North Korea a method for creating a connection, and possibly commerce for their country.

In exchange NATO would agree to protect North Korea in the event North Korea is ever attacked and did nothing to provoke the attack. 

While there could remain the threat of North Korea becoming a "double agent" and reporting what goes on at NATO to both Russia and China, that could be defused by not allowing access to the sub committees of NATO where raw data is analyzed. Once a final decision is made, North Korea would simply be privy to the information before it is made public. DailyPUMA does not see any other way short of assassinating the North Korean leader, but even that approach would not guarantee disarmament.

Keep your friends close and… see if common ground can be achieved with non friends, after all, that is what our government expects of its own citizens.

Please consider signing the Debt Neutrality Petition by clicking here.

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