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Friday, April 14, 2017

US accuses Russia of creating New Fake News Event called Syria Hoax.

DailyPUMA has almost been convinced by the mainstream media that Russia has started a cyber attack using the phrase Syria Hoax because they are desperate. However, from day one of the 2017 April Sarin Gas attack Russia has asked the U.S. to provide proof that Assad was directly responsible for the Sarin Gas attack. Calling the Sarin Gas attack a hoax now is actually consistent with Russia's position from the beginning.

Wouldn't immediate access to the Syrian Missile base that allegedly has the Sarin Gas stored either confirm or quell the accusations against Assad?

The entire Sarin Gas story almost feels like a "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" scenario in which bombs were lobbed by the U.S near onto the Syrian military base where aircraft allegedly with Sarin Gas took off from, but we the people in the U.S. still have no idea if there is a stock pile of Sarin Gas in Assads possession or if for sure he actually was responsible for the Sarin Gas Attack.

Every single time the mainstream media definitively states that Assad was responsible for the most recent Sarin Gas attack, Stock Footage of U.S. Tomahawk cruise missiles  Retaliatory Strike launched towards Assad's military base are shown. 
"Do you see what Assad did, he dropped Sarin Gas on his people which forced the U.S. to shoot missiles at his military base". 
That is plain and simple mainstream media led subliminal false messaging that causes U.S. citizens to correlate the Tomahawk missiles being shot into the night time sky against Assad's Military Base, with Assad's use of Sarin Gas. 

Responding to an alleged attack in no way proves who actually did the original attack. DailyPUMA suggests that if you see someone beating another person in the street, don't automatically assume the person being beaten started it unless you are shown proof.

DailyPUMA pleads with the U.S. Media to show some tangible bit of proof related to the Sarin Gas attack that proves Assad did it. Showing the children suffering does not prove who or how or where or when the Sarin Gas was deployed.

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