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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

How Trump can Build his Wall. "Help Wanted, Illegals only need apply."

Help Wanted, Illegal immigrants only. Work on The Wall and you will be given temporary housing, and upon completion of your part of the wall, you will be granted American Citizenship. 
You will also receive a free t-shirt that says, "I helped build the wall and all I got was this  fantastic T-Shirt and my U.S. Citizenship".

What I find strange about building "The Wall" is it was not that long ago that Ronald Reagan told Eastern Germany to "Tear Down that Wall", and now suddenly the United States is going to build it's own wall?

If the wall is built, I believe people  trying to get into the country will be catapulted over the wall with a mini landing parachute. Once over the wall the parachute will be set free so that it blows off course and does not provide a clue as to which way the catapulters went.

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