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Saturday, April 8, 2017

Did Donald Trump show any actual proof that the Syrian Military Base Launched Sarin Gas into Idlib, Syria?

After 911, George Bush almost immediately claimed that his administration had definitive proof of who had launched the 911 attack, and he went forward with the War in Afghanistan and a couple years later the War in Iraq. If DailyPUMA recalls correctly, the American people were never shown any evidence outside of pictures of whom U.S. intelligence believed were the terrorists on board each plane.

Now Donald Trump is claiming that a Syrian Military base gassed its own people with Sarin Gas in an area that is held by rebel forces. But apparently no actual proof that the Syrian Military base launched the Sarin Gas has been provided.

Instead we are being shown American missiles launching from an American Battleship, and then we are being shown satellite imagery of the missiles hitting their mark at the Syrian Military base. Russia basically has asked, where is your proof that this particular Military base fired the Sarin Gas?

As Clara Peller famously said in the 80's and what we should all be asking now is, "Where's the Beef"? Where is the actual proof that the Syrian Military Base fired Sarin Gas into a rebel held enclave 128 miles away in Idlib, Syria.

Was it missiles that were fired, or were military planes sent on this Sarin Gas mission? Was it one military plane, or was it several? Did U.S. Military intelligence pick up the military planes on radar? 

Assuming the military planes were traveling between 300 and 500 miles an hour, that would mean it took around 20 minutes to arrive in Idlib, Syria from the Syrian military base in Sha'irat, Syria, and then another 20 minutes to get back home.  

Click on Image to Enlarge.

Wouldn't the Syrian Military planes have taken a flight path over the ocean to avoid any rebel attempts to shoot down  their planes if planes were used? That would add time to the flights as they ventured off into the ocean and then took the ocean route and then veered back. Perhaps we are now talking 25 minutes to 30 minutes in each direction if Syrian Military planes actually dropped the gas. Wouldn't the U.S. battle ships have seen the Syrian Military planes flying over the ocean since they were somewhere nearby, no?

If missiles were used to drop Sarin Gas, the amount of propulsion needed to send the rockets 128 miles would probably mean some type of significant explosion when the the missiles either dropped their payload or crashed into the ground. NONE of these scenarios are being discussed, we are all being herded past this point and into just what our bombs actually did, and the world's alleged support of Trump's actions without evidence.

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