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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Before the Wall is Built, DailyPUMA makes suggestions about the Wall and its Purpose.

In the Tug of War struggle as to whether or not the U.S. should build a wall, DailyPUMA has come up with some ideas that might make The Wall palpable to many Americans currently against The Wall.

As one approaches The Wall what if there is actually an indent, perhaps 60 feet wide, maybe the indent is 500 feet deep. The indented, shaded spaces become a gathering place for those who wish to come to America.

In these indented spaces, perhaps all kinds of commerce is going on. Instead of paying a coyote 10,000 dollars to sneak a person into America using life threatening methods, the goal instead becomes reaching one of these Wall indents without needing a coyote at all. A person can hang out, there would be fast food outlets, relaxed atmospheres, places to freshen up if necessary. 

Perhaps there would be Skype like interaction with the American people where arrivees communicate with those in America. Towns hungry for workers might want to check out those who have dreams of coming to America. Businesses who want to export their Franchise idea might want to help a dreamer develop a franchise location in Mexico.

An immigrant trying to cross into America would have their chance to "pitch" an American citizen to "Sponsor" them.  The American citizen would take responsibility for the person pitching them to come into the country, perhaps even live in their home as a guest. Think of it as Shark Tank for Immigration.

There would be free bus rides back to Mexico leaving every hour, every day for those who gave it their best shot and now go home hopeful that the interaction they had with America in some way may bless them in the future. And all would be welcome to come back.

But other things would be simultaneously be happening. Mexican citizens would meet each other, friendships would form. Meeting someone just as determined as they are to make a better life is kind of a good thing, even if both go back to Mexico to wait and see if someone accepted their pitch to come to America. 

Maybe there would be American sponsors who would be willing to provide a new business enterprise in Mexico. Maybe the types of business that the Americans would sponsor would be in operation within the indents.

Maybe as new relations form, the drug cartels hold on Mexico weakens as more and more friendships mean more and more caring against those who think nothing of killing to create fear.  Maybe the drug trade would slow down as Americans hear all the problems they are causing in Mexico when they buy drug cartel drugs from their local drug dealer in America.

DailyPUMA sometimes thinks what gets forgotten is the desire to have hope and future dreams. Building a Wall does nothing for dreamers. Building a Wall that actually welcomes people to come and interact at The Wall might be the outcome that would actually satisfy many people currently on the fence.

Please consider signing the Debt Neutrality Petition by clicking here.


Bob Harrison said...

Good stuff, my friend. Loved the close. Hope can be as powerful a motivator as fear.

Alessandro Machi said...

Thanks for noticing the close! Hope you are well.

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