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Friday, March 17, 2017

What if Michael Flynn's contacts with other countries gave him secret terrorist cell intel that Donald Trump used in his speeches right before acts of terrorism actually happened?

During the 2015-2016 presidential campaign, Donald Trump seemed to have some uncanny timing about terrorism. Trump would warn about terrorism, and then within a few days there would be an act of terrorism that made international news.

If Michael Flynn had access to both Turkey and Russia, then he basically could have been given secret intel on all kinds of projected terrorist acts that were being planned but perhaps Russian and or Turkish officials did not know exactly what the plan was.

What if Flynn actually got intel that he fed to Donald Trump about impending but unknown terrorist acts, and Donald Trump used them in his speeches prior to the acts of terrorism occurring. Is that a violation of any kind of import? 

DailyPUMA is not well versed in actual political law and campaign rules, but it seems that if Michael Flynn was being fed intel by either Turkey or Russia that Donald Trump then used in his campaign speeches that ended up being predictive and prescient of acts of terror that then actually happened, in essence gaining from insider information from foreign agent Michael Flynn, then what?

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