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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Donald Trump's Insane Rant about being Phone Tapped during the Presidential Election.

I wonder if Donald Trump has some kind of imaginary time machine that makes him believe he can intertwine the past with the present in a cataclysmic storm that makes things sound much worse then they were, um, are, um, werare. 

From the man who invited Russian hackers to hack into the DNC (which he probably already knew had been done through his own sources but wanted to use his announcement as ground zero for such a hack that  had already occurred, for one to occur, once again, his imaginary time machine at work), Donald Trump is demanding an investigation into the possibility that as an un vetted private citizen who may have paid for his entire presidential campaign with Income Tax Evasion Money, or who may have had a secure server hooked up to Russia, or who may have bribed IRS officials, and who probably violated FCC rules when he falsely and repeatedly called Hillary Clinton a criminal for personal and political gain, that he was targeted!

DailyPUMA started a Change Dot Org Petition requesting Donald Trump be "Reaudited" BEFORE he took office. Of course Donald Trump needed to be vetted, and if took wiretapping his phones to make sure he did not have a secret server hooked up to Russia, or possibly bribed IRS officials with escorts and other amenities such as staying at Trump Hotels for free or next to nothing, or was accepting Russian Intel to discredit the DNC and Hillary Clinton, or funded his entire presidential campaign with income tax evasion money, or was fraudulent using the airwaves to call Hillary Clinton a criminal when she has never been convicted of a crime, then of course the FBI / CIA and the Department of Justice had the right to wiretap private citizen Trump.

Trump  has somehow created the fantastical Jesus Persecution fantasy that as president, Trump was wiretapped by a prior president while he was still pre-president. The mind snaps not only at the level of such incredulously mind numbing interplanetary time warped string theory imagination, but that conservatives are somehow taking seriously the man who repeatedly called Hillary Clinton a criminal and demanded the fourth person in line for the presidency be put in jail for maybe, maybe declassifying intel that was within her right to declassify.

The correct answer from the FBI and CIA and the Department of Justice should not have been to deny wire tapping accusations, but to simply state that "anyone who may be breaking the law is subject to investigation, if Mr. Trump feels he broke the law while he was running for the presidency, than it is possible he was wiretapped. If Mr. Trump wishes to elaborate any illegal activity he may have been involved in while running for president or before he ran for president, the FBI / CIA or Department of Justice can conduct a search to see if he was wiretapped regarding illegal activities Mr. Trump may have participated in".

The idea that the same entities who overly and improperly vetted Hillary Clinton, costing her the 2016 presidential election, may have also wire tapped private citizen Trump for illegal activities, yeah, that's outrageous in Trump's mind, and that does concern DailyPUMA. 

Please consider signing the Debt Neutrality Petition by clicking here.

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