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Saturday, January 7, 2017

Yes, Barack Obama dropped the Ball by not Vetting Donald Trump's Income Tax Filings.

Back in 1992 during the final week of the Clinton / Bush race, Lawrence Walsh filed charges against members of the Bush Administration regarding Iran/Contra. This apparently was a politically motivated move to help quell Bush's momentum. Most think Bill Clinton would have won anyways, but the timing made Bill Clinton's victory probably larger than it would have been.

So, is it tit for tat now? 

Did Comey do to Hillary Clinton in 2016 what Lawrence Walsh did to George Bush in 1992? Perhaps it is tit for tat, but the elephant in the room is still Barack Obama. Obama basically did not vet Donald Trump and the reason that is unacceptable is specifically because Trump was a private citizen who could easier hide illegal or unacceptable behavior versus what a politician can hide or be adversely judged upon.

The difference in effectiveness between the Trump Foundation and the Clinton Foundation is of Trumponian measures, yet the Clintons took far more heat than Trump did for his apparently ineffective Foundation versus the Five Star rating the Clinton Foundation received.

DailyPUMA believes that Donald Trump should have been vetted, at the very least, over his IRS filings.

Even if others were "doing it", (Donald Trump's excuse for 20 straight years of filing deductions that may not have actually been legal), the "others" Trump speaks of were not funding their own presidential campaign with what could be income tax evasion money.

Barack Obama is a stickler for rules and regulations, yet he let Trump walk without first vetting him. The investigation did not have to be a ploy to target Trump, it just needed to clear him of income tax evasion shenanigans that a private billionaire citizen could get away with, but not a political candidate for president.

Please consider signing the Debt Neutrality Petition by clicking here.

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