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Monday, December 12, 2016

What if the Reason Donald Trump wants Melania Trump to stay Behind at Trump Towers is to Guard their Secret Encrypted Server to Russia?

It kind of makes sense….  

….Mabye Donald Trump is freaking out over leaving Trump Towers "Unguarded" and someone accidentally discovers his Secret Encrypted Russian Server, therefore Melania Trump will stay behind to make sure nobody accidentally hits the lever that exposes the Secret Encrypted Russian Server.

But even if a Secret Encrypted Russian Server was the reason that Melania Trump is staying behind at Trump Towers, and even if a search warrant caught Trump off guard and The Secret Encrypted Russian Server turned out to really exist, Trump would just deny it, tell everyone to leave, and that would be that.

Hey, at least Trump hasn't shot someone in Times Square in the middle of the day in front of cheering schoolchildren, so we all have that to be grateful for.

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