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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Was Comey's second press conference about Hillary Clinton's emails 10 days before the presidential election just a ruse to keep FBI Agents waddling in emails rather than observing the NRA's potential infiltration of Voter Polling Stations on Election Day?

Just how much damage did James Comey's second press conference actually do to Hillary Clinton's presidential chances? Perhaps even more than has been conveyed up until now.

Besides instantly reversing the upwardly trending popularity for Hillary Clinton and instantly increasing the popularity trend for Donald Trump, Comey's second press conference just 10 days before the 2016 presidential election may have had other deep consequences as well. While Comey made the Abedin emails a top FBI priority, FBI manpower that could have been deployed for election day fraud prevention was instead pulled, to check emails.

Hillary Clinton's feud with the NRA was known by everybody. The NRA PAC had raised 31 million dollars to defeat Hillary Clinton. Did the FBI deploy any manpower to make sure that Rogue NRA members, (we're literally talking less than .1% of NRA membership), were not volunteering at voter polling stations in key swing states on election day to possibly fill in ballots before the opening of voting, or to simply add votes for Trump or exclude votes for Clinton in other nefarious ways?

It would not take that much effort to add an extra 100 votes here and there at some of the thousands of precincts throughout several key states. Now comes word that the NRA had cozied up with Russia well before the presidential Elections. Forget internet hacking, what about just infiltrating voting locations on the day of the presidential election!

Was any FBI manpower devoted to checking into an alliance between the NRA and Russia?

We now find out that Michigan won't allow recounts to count if it is discovered that a precinct recount does not render the same vote totals that were tallied on election day! This basically means that any fraud done on election day at any precinct becomes valid once the fraud is counted on election day, and can never be undone!

The list of shady vote counts grows, Wisconsin, Michigan and North Carolina all LOWERED Donald Trump's vote count total once it was known that the recounts were going to happen. 

We now find out that the same Detroit area that had a notoriously low vote turnout in the Michigan primary, also may have had dozens of broken voting machines in the actual presidential election. And if any new votes are found, then the new results are invalidated because it changes the vote total from election day and the prior vote results are the ones that are counted instead!

Meanwhile, James Comey is analyzing redundant emails. Apparently, whether it's wabbit season or duck season, for James Comey and the FBI, it's always email season.

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