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Saturday, December 10, 2016

Breaking News, Republicans May Have Forced FBI Director James Comey into Hiding until After the Electoral College Voters have Voted.

The Republican National Party may have forced James Comey into hiding until after the Electoral College Votes have been cast. Here is a link to the Electoral College Timeline There are several key dates, Apparently Dec. 19, 2016 is one key date, but Electoral College votes may attempt to have Electoral College Votes cast before that day as well?

Perhaps the Republican National Party will attempt some end around to try and get the Electoral College Votes passed ahead of the December 19, 2016 date.

The Republicans know that if FBI Director James Comey were to answer questions about his second press conference concerning Hillary Clinton's emails that he held just 10 days before the election, his honest answers could sway more than enough Electoral College Voters away from Donald Trump to deny him the presidency.

Questions the Republicans don't want FBI director James Comey to answer before the Electoral College has voted include:

1. Was Donald Trump being Investigated for anything, or was only Hillary Clinton under Investigation?

2. Once Donald Trump declared during the third presidential debate that the Upcoming Presidential Election voting was rigged, did the FBI put boots on the ground for the Presidential Election Process to ensure a fair election?

3. Did the FBI have boots on the ground for the Presidential Election Process knowing that the biggest anti Hillary Clinton Pac, the NRA PAC, would be volunteering at Voting Locations in several key battleground states?

4. Was assigning FBI agents a second batch of emails to investigate so close to election day more important than ensuring an unrigged election by having FBI agents on the ground actually profiling if the NRA had infiltrated the voting polling locations as volunteers?

5. Are you aware of the close relationship between the NRA and Russia?  Did that you give cause for concern?

6. Do you agree that Hillary Clinton had built up a considerable lead prior to your second email press conference that you held just ten days before Election day?

7. Who do you think would have won the 2016 presidential election if you had not called a second press conference so close to election day? Do you think your second press conference changed the vote totals for either president in any way?

8. Why was Donald Trump not being investigated for anything?

9. Did you consider the possibility that Donald Trump's Income Tax Situation, which he refused to publicly release, could have meant that he FUNDED his entire presidential campaign with Income Tax Evasion money?

10. Are you familar with U.S. vs Irby?

11. If you could do the Election Year over again, what would you do differently?

12. Would a Electoral College Elector be within their rights as a reasonable person to undo the damage that your second press conference about emails may have caused?

13. Donald Trump repeatedly called Hillary Clinton a criminal during the campaign even though Hillary Clinton has never been charged with a crime nor convicted of a crime. Did it concern you at all that Donald Trump was enriching himself and his chances for the presidency by intentionally lying about his opponents record to such an inflammatory extent. and using the public airwaves to do so?

14. Were you investigating ties between Donald Trump and the National Enquirer, which repeatedly made outrageous Headline Claims about Hillary Clinton. The Enquirer even reported their version of the future as fact in their Headlines. Considering that perhaps 10 million supermarket customers see those lying, damaging headlines every week, should not someone from the government stepped in and done something?

Calling James Comey, your country needs you to do the right thing and come out from hiding and hold a press conference where you answer questions rather than make accusations.

Please consider signing the Debt Neutrality Petition by by clicking here.

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