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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Another Example of why the Clinton's need their own Media Channel, even the fiercest headline compliment about Hillary Clinton is accidentally made to sound like an insult.

A DailyKOS headline that was posted on a DailyPUMA RSS reddit feed stated "North Carolina Christian pastor writes piercing open letter to Hillary Clinton". I was hesitant to read the article since the headline made it sound like an attack on Hillary Clinton. Instead, the article was the complete opposite, a glowing attribute about Hillary Clinton that in many ways mirrored what DailyPUMA stated a few months ago about how the men could never stand up to what Hillary Clinton did during the 2016 campaign.

Here is what the headline title URL originally looked like….. http://www.dailykos.com/story/2016/12/26/1614654/-NC-pastor-writes-stunning-op-ed-to-Hillary-You-shouldered-expectations-no-male-has-endured

Somebody replaced the word stunning in the headline with piercing, and then shortened the headline as well, thereby making the headline sound like an attack against Hillary Clinton when it was the opposite.  

Very strange, and just another example of why we need to See Clinton Media gain traction. The U.S. needs liberal moderates to stand up and be counted, or we will continue to get ultra right and left candidates like Trump or Sanders who are able to sue the conservative and progressive media to trash a superior moderate liberal candidate like Hillary Clinton.

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