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Thursday, November 10, 2016

How Donald Trump Tricked the Media and the Clinton Campaign with his refusal to accept the Presidential Voting results if he had lost.

Donald Trump used his eight years worth of experience as host of Apprentice and Celebrity Apprentice to trick his oppponents regarding whether or not he would challenge the results. Trump's actual goal was not just to reserve the right to challenge the results, Trump's other goal was to make sure that the democrats would not challenge any aspect of the campaign or the result by getting the democrats to demand that he accept the results. 

The Trump "it's rigged tactic" may protect him from prosecution in his almost one billion dollars probable tax evasion audit. The Democrats would look pretty foolish now if they did challenge any aspect of the results, so it appears Donald Trump the Billion Dollar Tax Evader who used his income tax evasion money to run for president, will not be charged with any crime even as he called his counter part a criminal over and over and over. Nor will Trump have to pay back about 3 billion dollars when IRS penalties are tacked on.

One technique that is commonly used yet never noticed on television shows like the Apprentice is the "go back" technique in which a host can ask a question days a comment was made by a respondent. The "go back" allows the host to have an intelligent question inserted preceding a comment made by a respondent. When Trump stated he felt the election was rigged, he got the media and the democrats to demand  Trump accept the results, which basically meant the democrats ceded their own right to challenge the election. Trump created a "reverse go back" in which the media and the Clinton campaign cannot challenge anything.

The reason this is a big deal now is Trump's refusal to release his income tax returns meant no one would figure out that because of U.S. vs IRBY court case of 2012, Trump was still liable for the probable income tax fraud that netted him close to a billion dollars in income tax evasion over the past 20 years.

The intertwining issue with Trump's income tax evasion that has not been brought up, why wasn't the FBI reviewing Donald Trump's probable income tax evasion since the amount of money that was evaded was MORE than ENOUGH to pay for his entire presidential campaign. One presume's income tax evading enough money to pay for one's entire presidential election would be cause for the FBI to investigate.

One would think it would behoove the FBI to monitor and evaluate if Donald Trump was using income tax evasion money to run for the presidency while making it look like he to his supporters that he was funding his campaign with his own money.

If the FBI had no dossier on Donald Trump and his Income Tax Evasion actions, why not?  If the FBI had a dossier on Donald Trump and his Income Tax Evasion actions, why did they keep quiet about it while going on and on about Hillary Clinton's emails?

Please consider signing the Debt Neutrality Petition by by clicking here.

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