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Friday, November 4, 2016

George Bush Sr. and Jr. need to be interviewed about the "Ignore Subpoena Policy" that George Bush Jr. followed while in the White House.

One of the problems facing Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton is that they actually honored their subpoenas. During the Bush administration George Bush Jr. and his cabinet basically ignored all subpoenas. The result is there is a subpoena video history on both Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton that is continually exploited by neo conservatives with Clinton Derangement Syndrome.

Is there any video of George Bush Jr., as president, in front of Congress because of a subpoena? I've never seen it. Nor any video of his staff. I'd like to see if either Bush would admit that answering a subpoena is a more honorable pathway to take, but one that will plague any politician for the rest of their career.

Just Google in quotes "George Bush" subpoena, and you will find literally thousands upon thousands of articles denoting all of the times that the Bush Administration ignored their subpoenas to appear in front of Congress.

If you really are planning on voting for Donald Trump, think real hard about his lack of transparency regarding his income tax filing, his incredible debt relief from his investors, Trump's debt forgiveness from the IRS which may have eventually led to a clamping down of rules against the average consumer to make up for the debt forgiveness given to billionaires like Mr. Trump.

And, there is the possibility of a conservative Supreme Court in your future, and the retraction of Roe B Wade.

Please consider signing the Debt Neutrality Petition by by clicking here.

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