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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Did Sheldon Andelson wait until the last possible moment to donate 25 million dollars for defamatory Clinton ads so he could not be vetted?

Sure seems suspicious that Sheldon Andelson waited so long to donate 25 million dollars for hostile TV ads against Hillary Clinton. Did he have something to hide so he waited until the last minute to donate so he could not be more closely vetted?

We have one casino owner helping another casino owner (whose Casino filed for bankruptcy) in their bid to become president. The Clinton campaign needs to fire back against each and every television ad. I am very worried that the Clinton campaign is too slow to respond to this last minute commercial ad attack.

If Hillary Clinton loses, and it is in large part to these last minute ads her side did not respond to, then many can say, well, if she could not respond to the ad ambush with ads that tear apart the claims being made, maybe she was not ready to lead after all. 

A president has to be able to delegate. QUIT RUNNING THE SAME DAMNED Television commercials over and over. Make 50 different ads and run them all. Quit trying to make the perfect television commercial and think one perfect television commercial can survive a carpet bombing approach. 

Trump billionaire supporters are actually doing  what he claims Obama should have done in Syria, that is not announce his intention and instead just do it, carpet bombing the airwaves with several anti Clinton commercials while the Clinton campaign appears to be slow in response just 10 days before the election.While the Clinton campaign fiddles, her lead may be burning up, and not in a good way.

I am guessing that the Clinton campaign is going all out on a 
grass roots approach in each state that includes signs on lawns and so forth. However, the 25 million dollar ad campaign by Andelson over the final 10 days of the campaign MUST NOT be ignored. Each attack commercial MUST be responded to.

Good News to report. Daily Newsbin reports Hillary Clinton set records for donations over a three day period following Comey's recent stunt. Now the question is, is Hillary Clinton even aware of what Sheldon Andelson is doing, and she is responding in kind?

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