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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

President Barack Obama would be wise to take Bill Clinton's "Crazy" comment to Heart and Fix One very big Affordable Care Act blunder before he leaves Office.

The reason Donald Trump has a loyal core that will never change their mind about him is they truly believe Barack Obama purposely ignored them over the past 8 years. Probably over 75% of Donald Trump supporters believe that Barack Obama has prioritized federal funding for the very poor, for progressive issues which are not their issues, for immigration issues both legal and illegal, and for Obamacare which seemed to leave many with the impression they were paying more, for less.

From the 2009-2010 Death Panels that may have instructed Health Care Hospital Overseers to ask if their elderly patients or the family members who brought them to the hospital wanted to die via Home Hospice Care rather than be healed through legitimate Hospital Care, to the Affordable Care Act in which Bill Clinton recently noted that it appears there is a hard working group of small business owners and over achieving middle class workers striving to get ahead, who get no break from the ACA program, a case can be made that Barack Obama did stick it to the core group of americans that actually did help make America Great the first time around.

So if Barack Obama wants to help preserve his own legacy as a president who was able to reduce military expenditures overseas which in turn helped reverse course in this country economically while also helping the middle class, he will ask that legislation be written and proposed that makes one simple but essential change to MediCaid programs run by state governments on behalf of the federal government throughout the country. 

Barack Obama needs to insist that enforceable payments made to the States, such as sales tax and home and business property tax payments, payments that if not made would result in an inability to purchase essential everyday goods AND in the case of home and business property tax payments, the forfeiture of one's home and or business via tax liens placed on these structures, the allowance to DEDUCT these payments from a person's stated annual income.

The present system insanely ignores what can end up being anywhere from a 5% to 20% tax on any american's income that if not paid results in the forfeiture of their property. The 5% to 20% tax that is not acknowledged or deducted when individuals state their annual income is pushing millions of americans out of MediCAID and ACA programs and DailyPUMA believes this core group is mad as hell and isn't going to take it anymore.

The introduction of these new, and clearly earned stated income deductions would allow millions upon millions of hard working middle economic class and hard working lower economic class along with small business owners a fairer opportunity to qualify for lower cost ObamaCare and MediCAID for themselves and their workers.

The gig is up, Donald Trump makes a valid point when he states that he pays all kinds of other taxes. The counter punch to that position is to allow legitimate home and business property tax payments along with sales tax expenses to be deducted from a person's annual stated income when evaluating what government programs that person may qualify for. 

The Lack of these legitimate deductions is the "Stick it to the middle economic class and the upper lower economic class of hard working americans who helped make America great" the first time around.

If Barack Obama and the Democrats do not propose home & business property tax payments (for the small business owner when applicable) before the 2016 November elections, then Barack Obama's long term legacy will be marred, especially if Donald Trump is able to squeak out a victory this November.

Even if Hillary Clinton wins in November and fixes the home property tax, small business property tax, and sales tax as a stated income deduction issue, it will simply be a reminder of a glaring oversight the Barack Obama administration either refused to correct, or was too obtuse to discover and fix, and neither would be helpful to his presidential legacy.

Hillary Clinton needs to do more than praise the Obama's in her speeches, she needs to suggest tweaks to Obama's past legislative decision to Barack Obama in private that will allow President Obama to go out at the top of his game if she wants to have the best possible momentum going forward.

Hopefully President Obama and Hillary Clinton will heed Bill Clinton's words rather than try and bury them as a misunderstanding.

Please consider signing the Debt Neutrality Petition by by clicking here.

1 comment:

Bob Harrison said...

Reason drowned out by noise from both sides.

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