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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Justice at Last! Justice at Last! Donald Trump channels his inner Martin Luther King as he fights the biggest battle of his life, getting Hillary Clinton.

Oh, the drama, oh the pauses, oh, Donald Trump is actually using a Martin Luther King phrase in his quest to rid the world of that "nasty woman", Hillary Clinton. "Justice at Last, Justice at Last".

Justice at Last, Justice at Last. 

Does Donald Trump really believe he has no female anger and aggression issues? 

Trump's use of the word "Everybody"? "It's Everybody's hope"?

Did Trump really speak in the plural, believing he speaks for everybody? That's really big of Mr. Trump to do the work of "everybody" so everybody can be saved from Hillary Clinton. 

Trump does sound kind of out of breath, I guess he's really working hard as he climbs that mountain in search of justice. This is Donald Trump's Martin Luther King moment!

No wonder Trump's been sniffling through all the debates, he's out of breath from bringing Hillary Clinton to justice. I heard he's gotten some tips from O.J. Simpson on how to pursue his quarry.

Has anybody noticed that whenever Donald Trump goes off its because someone else has stolen the spotlight from him?

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Bob Harrison said...

trump's delusions march on, unfettered by the normal laws of time and space.

Alessandro Machi said...

It's like watching someone who thinks they are crawling through the desert every time they dismount from their limousine and are escorted over to their private jet as his hair flank battles the engine made wind while he roughs it by only taking a swallow or two from his solid gold canteen.

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