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Friday, July 29, 2016

When Donald Trump Speaks, Russian and French Hackers Listen.

There was a dramatic spike in hits to DailyPUMA from both Russia and France AFTER Donald Trump made a public plea to Russian Hackers to look for the allegedly missing 30,000 emails. 

Donald Trump has an interesting connection to Russia. 2 of his 3 wives have Russian first names. Trump Escorts may  have been run out of a Trump owned location back in the 90's. And when Donald Trump asks his Russian Hacker friends to find missing emails, DailyPUMA (we don't have them by the way), is hit with 75% of all traffic suddenly coming from Russia, then the next day it's 90% of all visits from Russia and France.

It makes one wonder if there is some type of quid pro quo in place in which whenever Donald Trump goes on a rampage about terrorism, a terrorist act seems to occur in France or some other part of Europe.

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