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Friday, June 10, 2016

Hillary Clinton should seriously consider Newt Gingrich for Vice President.

DailyPUMA would like to see Hillary Clinton take an edgy chance and interview New Gingrich for her possible Vice Presidential running mate. 

There are reasons going back to the 90's as to why Newt Gingrich might make a surprisingly good, combative but interactive V.P. for Hillary Clinton. The Barack Obama league of rivals that Barack Obama assembled for his inner circle probably featured too many Wall Street people on one side and too many progressives on the other who were systematically shot down by the conservative media who effectively took the progressive's most controversial statements to create malfeasance towards them.

What I like most about New Gingrich right now as Hillary Clinton's running mate is how he deftly held his ground against Donald Trump (who was considering Mr. Gingrich as his own running mate while simultaneously verbally assaulting the judge who was handling the Trump University case) and said it was racist to use a judge's ethnic background to create a public consensus against that judge. 

Most politicians who were being considered as a V.P. would have kept their mouths shut if their prospective presidential running mate did something that universally is being perceived as bullheaded and wrong by Mr. Trump. Newt Gingrich spoken openly and publicly about Mr. Trump's anti judge actions right at the time when Donald Trump was considering Newt Gingrich for his V.P., DailyPUMA rates that a giant wow.

Newt was one of the few Republicans back in the 90's who ABSTAINED from the Clinton witchhunt of the late 90's. Newt had the good sense to let witchhunt go because he apparently had had an affair with an intern and felt it would be hypocritical to go after a president when he himself had done similar things.  And if you don't think that is a big deal, there were rumors that as many as HALF of the original 12 republicans who started their witch hunt of Bill Clinton were all having affairs and it was only when 2 of them were publicly outed that they recused themselves.

Newt was the reason Bill Clinton grew and became tougher as president as the Newt led contract with America attempted to thwart Bill Clinton's power. There is even an allegation that Newt tried to punish Bill Clinton with a budget discussion freeze because Newt had to leave Air Force one through the back door rather than the front door where he would have had a moment to talk to Bill Clinton after a trip back from the Mideast. It doesn't sound like much, but apparently that can be construed as a huge slight and Newt took it badly. Fortunately, Bill Clinton did not give in and their feisty relationship seemed to make them both better politicians.

Imagine all the ongoing banter about Hillary Clinton and the accusations that she is doing "things" in secret suddenly being eviscerated before they start because she had the guts to pick a republican for her V.P.

Should something ever happen and Newt temporarily was president, maybe language could created ahead of time in which Bill Clinton would become the new V.P.

I think its time to pull the rug out from all the lunatics out there with Clinton Derangement Syndrome, and the way to do that may be to at the very least, interview Newt Gingrich for Vice President. Be bold, be unpredicatable, and  if being bold and unpredictable also shuts up those with Clinton Derangement Syndrome, all the better.

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Bob Harrison said...

That would set the internet on fire for sure!

Alessandro Machi said...

Good one Bob.

Amarissa said...

This would be really wild!

Alessandro Machi said...

There is precedence. Well, if we can count the TV show The Good Wife as an example, when a court appointed bankruptcy accountant was brought to guide them through bankruptcy, it was a wild but productive ride.

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