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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

"Did Google Manipulate Search for Hillary" is the latest example of Clinton Derangement Syndrome by Source Fed's Matt Lieberman..

This latest foray into Clinton Derangement Syndrome comes courtesy of "Source Fed" and Matthew Lieberman. Matthew Lieberman appears to be the latest strain of Sanders Disciple who wants to calmly explain to his audience how evil the people around Hillary Clinton are for possibly squashing Hillary Clinton cri and Hillary Clinton ind google searches. At the very least, an investigation is needed, Lieberman surmises.

Lieberman is not directly accusing Hillary Clinton of doing something wrong, but SOMEBODY probably did something unethical on her behalf whether she knew about it or not. Or, as I call it, the Derangement of Matthew Lieberman of Source Fed regarding Hillary Clinton is in full force. 

First off, why are people searching for Hillary Clinton cri? Why are people searching for Hillary Clinton ind? The answer is there are significant amounts of unobjective, non-professional, anti Hillary Clinton videos on youtube, and youtube is owned by Google. 

If Google has tempered phrases like Hillary Clinton cri, or Hillary Clinton ind, its only after their bastard child youtube channel has ENFLAMED curiosity by broadcasting unobjective, completely hostile and void of legal clearances for use of video footage that features unauthorized use of Hillary Clinton images that then pop up on youtube ANYTIME ANY search for Hillary Clinton is done on youtube. 

Mr. Lieberman has simply line jumped his google criteria issue by never asking first, should youtube and the unobjective, many times slanderous, unprofessional videos about Hillary Clinton be allowed to then skew future search results? In essence, the trash videos create more hits to the very same entities that are not following all the rules and using agendas other than truth for making their videos.

Not only has Matthew Lieberman line-jumped his complaint without seeing what came before that could have caused google to limit cri and ind to not give the result HE WANTS TO SEE, Lieberman did not do any tests to see if Hillary Clinton's ACHIEVEMENT'S are being fairly represented by Google.

So I have done what the allegedly fair and unbiased Matthew Lieberman could not do, I did a test using Hillary Clinton's 20 times being voted Woman of the Year. 

I started by typing in Hillary Clinton Wom, Google did not suggest Woman of the Year. Here is what Google suggested.

And then I tried Hillary Clinton Woma
And then I tried Hillary Clinton Woman, and Hillary Clinton woman card and woman card meme came up, but no Hillary Clinton Woman of the Year.

 And then I tried Hillary Clinton Woman of

 And then I tried Hillary Clinton Woman of the

And then I tried Hillary Clinton Woman of the Y

And then I tried Hillary Clinton Woman of the Ye
And then I tried Hillary Clinton Woman of the Yea

And then I tried Hillary Clinton Woman of the Year

and nothing still came up about Hillary Clinton being voted Woman of the Year 20 times. Google filled in with "Year of the Woman Trap", but nothing about Hillary Clinton being voted Woman of the Year 20 times, including 14 times in a row.

You can watch below Matt Lieberman postulate about the possibility that a Hillary Clinton advisor or advisors possibly diverted incomplete search words from leading to hints, yet Mr. Lieberman never once considers the possiblity that google tends to not base their searches on non professional, unobjective, probably sexist media viewpoints, which seems to beguile Mr. Lieberman no end.

Is Matthew Lieberman upset because politically and sexist based assaults against Hillary Clinton's character can't in the easiest and fastest method possible be exculpated so he can inhale the bile and venom against Hillary Clinton to a much faster broil? 

Perhaps the most disturbing of all, Matthew Lieberman seems to be devoid of any concern that Hillary Clinton's achievements such as Hillary Clinton being voted Woman of the Year 20 times and 14 times in as row are not being recognized by Google Search while he remains 100% concerned that every last Hillary Clinton accusation foisted by unobjective non-professionals is not fully scoped out in the fastest manner possible for his consumption.

In 2009 I broke a story on www.daily-protest.blogspot.com The story was never picked up by anyone in the media and did not make it onto google search engine because even though it was a huge breaking story, I am not a recognized member of the media. Mr. Lieberman apparently does not understand that aspect of google searches. 

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Bob Harrison said...

Well, my friend, I'd say you plucked, roasted, and ate that turkey! Good effort and valuable info. Thanks.

Alessandro Machi said...

Thanks for noticing and commenting Bob, I felt the same way.

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