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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Senator Bernie Sanders on Climate Change exposes his own hypocrisy about Hillary Clinton.

Bernie Sanders has lumped Hillary Clinton in with the Republicans.

And yet, Hillary Clinton disproves Bernie Sanders accusation of being bought and paid for by the fossil fuel industry because she believes Climate Change is going on, thereby disproving Bernie Sander's accusation that Hillary Clinton is bought and paid for by the Fossil Fuel Industry.

You can't have it both ways Bernie. You can't state that the fossil fuel Industry has bought both the Republicans and Hillary Clinton when the Republicans believe Climate Change is not going on, and Hillary Clinton believes that Climate Change IS going on. 

Of the money given out by the Fossil Fuel Industry to various campaigns, Republicans have received approximately 97.75%, Hillary Clinton 2%, and Bernie Sander's .25%

Link to Video Clip.

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1 comment:

Bob Harrison said...

BNR has an exceptional post about Bernie being bought by the NRA. It rally needs to be publicized. (I'm doing my bit.)

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