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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

If Bernie Sanders has no Super PAC, then what the Heck is Move on Dot Org?

I get messages from Bernie Sanders via my Move on dot org email soliciting me to donate money. Move on Dot Org is a non-profit group that has a million or more members. Bernie claims to not have a Super PAC. Move on Dot Org IS A SUPER PAC pretending to be a non-profit group.

How the heck is Move on Dot Org using their email list so Bernie Sanders can message and ask for money any different than a Super PAC? Non Profits are NOT supposed to be for one candidate over another FROM THE SAME POLITICAL PARTY, but that is what Move on Dot Org has done.

How is the following email that I received as a GENERAL member of Move on dot org, NOT a member of any subgroup that Move on dot org may choose to start, not a Super PAC for Bernie Sanders?  Sanders and Move on Dot Org are friggin liars and I can't believe the crap they continue to say about a political candidate who has WON woman of the year 20 TIMES and the last 14 in a row!

Hi Alessandro—
Bernie Sanders won a HUGE victory last night in Wisconsin. Next up is Wyoming. And after that comes a large and important primary: New York.

Winning there on April 19 would fundamentally reshape the campaign and put Bernie on a track to win the nomination. But it's going to take more resources to compete there than in any state so far. So now is the moment to give—or give again.
For more on this enormous victory, see Bernie's email from last night, below:

Alessandro—We've just won another state for our political revolution, and it's a big one: Wisconsin.
The corporate media and political establishment keep counting us out, but we keep winning states, and doing so by large margins. If we can keep this up, we're going to shock them all and win this nomination.
Wyoming caucuses in just three days and New York votes in two weeks. You can bet the financial elite of this country won't give up without a fight. They're going to throw everything they can at us. But if we stand together, we're going to keep winning.
Last night kicked off the most important three-week stretch of the campaign and we're starting off with another overwhelming victory. If we can keep our momentum going through the states that vote and caucus over the next three weeks, we’re going to win this election.
Amazing win last night. It wouldn't have happened without you. That's the absolute truth.
In solidarity,
Bernie Sanders

PAID FOR BY MOVEON.ORG POLITICAL ACTION,http://pol.moveon.org/. Authorized by BERNIE 2016.

This email was sent to Alessandro Machi on April 6th, 2016. To change your email address or update your contact info,click here. To opt out of "MoveOn for Bernie" emails, click here. To remove yourself from the MoveOn.org list, click here.


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