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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Hillary Clinton Spent 39% of what Bernie Sanders spent on Television Advertising in Wisconsin.

Can Bernie Sanders, the allegedly populist candidate of the people who spent 260% more than Hillary Clinton on television advertising in Wisconsin for a victory, continue to be called the populist candidate?
A candidate really can't have it both ways, if they can afford to spend almost triple than the alleged insider candidate in Wisconsin to win, they are not the populist candidate. The Populist candidate is the one who gets more votes for less money. Sanders is simply the candidate who to win has to spend double or triple, or as in the case of Washington, Hawaii and Alaska, 27 times more money than Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton continues to be the candidate that gets the most votes for the least amount of money spent, and that in my book is the populist candidate. If the News Media correctly called Hillary Clinton the populist candidate based on the exiting statistical evidence, it would put an end to the populist label Bernie Sanders continues to falsely flaunt.

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Bob Harrison said...

Ah I finally get a comment window to open! Been have problems with Daily Puma recently. Don't know for sure which end is responsible. Not a big deal. Anyway, just wanted to say thanks for digging out the relevant facts on the campaign. I knew she was being outspent but I think this is first place I've seen any actual math. Thanks for your continuing work!

Alessandro Machi said...

Hi Bob! I had no idea that the comment section may be glitchy. I appreciate all comments so thanks for taking the time to comment.

Rose Maria said...

In one word, describe Hillary Clinton.?
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