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Monday, April 11, 2016

Bernie Sanders Sanderism falls well short of what makes Socialism Succeed.

If Bernie Sanders actually had a realistic grasp of socialism, he would be less popular with the voters, and he knows it. Sanders brand of socialism, Sanderism, relies on giving out perks without asking for any responsibility in return.

You want a free education, you got it, and you can go on binge drinking and using unprescribed drugs at the same rate as before. In fact, now that you don't have to pay for college, you'll probably have more money for partying and recreational drugs!

Marijuana, hey, maybe it should be illegal NOT to use marijuana.

How about free education and in exchange a pledge to not go into credit card debt? Naw, Sanderism requires giving things to people without really asking that they improve their behavior or responsibility towards society.

Socialism usually has some type of responsibility attached to it. You want retirement income called social security, you work for it prior to retiring. Sanderism means getting chances without showing any type of responsible behavior before getting the chance.

Mr. Sanders, I have met Socialism, and your Sanderism is no Socialism.

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