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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Do not be Alarmed if Hillary Clinton loses all three Saturday Caucuses today in Hawaii, Washington and Alaska.

One of the most comical aspects to the 2016 democrat presidential nomination race is Cenk Uygur having apoplectic seizures every time that Bernie Sanders wins a caucus contest. This weekend should put Cenk on Cloud Zenith as he can actually state that Bernie Sanders has won the last five competitions between himself and Hillary Clinton. Won't Cenk won't tell you is those five contests were all caucuses, meaning voter turnout is a lot lower and completely and totally favors Bernie Sanders for two very unrepresentative reasons. Over the last six democrat contests, Hillary Clinton won Arizona, and then Bernie has won the next five caucuses. The popular vote over these las six contests may end up in Hillary's favor!

Bernie Sanders keeps saying if turnout is high, he will win, yet almost all of his wins have been in low voter turnout states that run caucus contests instead of primaries.  Caucus contests create two inter related scenarios that  reduce Hillary Clinton voting by Hillary Clinton supporters. The distance to the caucus contests is vastly greater for most of the voters within a state running a caucus contest then when they run a primary. And then because the distance is greater in between voting locations, remarkably long voting lines form and waiting times of one hour to five hours usually occur.

If you are a Bernie Sanders supporter, odds are you are a millennial or a slightly older "wanna still be" a millennial, and the thought of having a voting adventure that could last anywhere from one hour to six hours is kind of cool because it means hanging out with other Bernie Supporters and rabidly trading the latest tidbit about the newest Hillary "Snowball" Clinton escapade that will surely get her transported to another planet in a first of it's kind Hillary Clinton Derangement Syndrome scenario that includes shipping Hillary to another planet. And after Sander's supporters have voted in a caucus contest state, they can then accuse Hillary Clinton of causing the long lines in the first place in an effort to stop Sander's supporters from voting even though the reverse reality is true, Caucuses actually thwart Hillary Clinton supporters from voting.

MANY Hillary Clinton Supporters are too busy leading productive lives in which others rely on them, to take up to six hours to vote. That is the number one reason why states that have primary contests, which means many many many locations to vote, much shorter distances to travel to vote, and much shorter lines to vote, almost always produce a Hillary Clinton victory. So buckle your seats and remember that the false flag victories in Saturday's Caucus contests in Alaska, Washington and Hawaii do not fairly reflect the true percentage of support for each candidate but actually inflate Bernie Sander's numbers while deflating Hillary Clinton's numbers. I would suggest looking forward to several big primaries coming up which should put Hillary Clinton within range of locking up the nomination.

The Bernie Sander's plan for winning the nomination is wrought with so many inconsistencies and falsehoods it can get confusing to follow them all. The Sander's plan includes donating no money to any congress people's campaigns, meaning much much less legislative support were he to be elected president, whereas Hillary Clinton has donated over 18 million dollars to help democrat candidates win seats in congress. The Sander's plan includes OVERSPENDING by dramatic margins in caucus contests so he can use low voter turnout to amp up the unrepresentative margin of victory in an effort to create a false sense of a coming wave of support that isn't ever going to be enough against Hillary Clinton in the primaries. 

What I find disappointing about Bernie Sander's plan is it is a plan of trickery, one that continues to raise the hopes of millions of millennials who are led to believe the only way Sanders won't win the democrat nomination is if Hillary Clinton cheats, the popular vote massively favoring Hillary Clinton be damned. Bernie Sander's slash and burn overspend in caucus contest tactics will simply demoralize millions upon millions of Sander's supporters who are being brainwashed by Cenk Uygur and Move on Dot Org into believing that Bernie Sanders is the more popular candiate, when he clearly is not.

And if by some bizarre media ballistics, the false flag of these caucus contests victories are overhyped and actually fool the masses into wanting to be part of an imaginary movement that was actually much smaller then they were led to believe, we would be witness to one of the greatest sleight of hands ever perpetrated upon the american people during an election cycle, and an epic failure in realizing even a modicum of success because of the slash and burn false flags it took to "win".

I'm looking forward to the upcoming primaries and what should be some nice wins by Hillary Clinton, and you can help by making some donations now so that the alleged populist candidate who continues to spend more money for less votes doesn't keep outspending the candidate who has more popular votes than any other presidential candidate in 2016, Hillary Clinton.

Please consider signing the Debt Neutrality Petition by by clicking here.

1 comment:

Alessandro Machi said...

This excerpt from the Star Advertiser.

UPDATE 4:25 p.m

Polling sites for Hawaii Democrats’ presidential preference poll were closing throughout the afternoon as lines dwindled but some voters complained that the process was disorganized and confusing.

Polls opened at 1 p.m. with many sites reporting long lines. The Democratic Party of Hawaii, expecting a large turnout, had asked voters to get in line before the polls opened, and some potential voters who came later were disappointed.

Voting ended at 2:30 p.m. at Manoa Elementary School, which prevented Dr. Danelo Canete and his wife from voting. Canete, a Clinton supporter, said his son voted earlier in the afternoon, and reported that there were lines at the school. So, Canete and his wife decided to wait for a while to allow the lines to go down. When they reached the school at 2:34, they were told the voting was finished.

“There were a whole bunch of people who were very upset,” Canete said. “We were all kind of shaking our heads, like what happened?”

He said about a dozen people were told they could not vote at the school. “Nobody had put down a closing time, so we just thought we’d show up like good citizens and vote,” he said.

Ron Fitzgerald, 50, said he was told he couldn’t vote when he arrived at Highlands Intermediate around 2:45 p.m. because the polls were closed an hour and 45 minutes after they opened.

Strong turnout for Hawaii Democrats leads to Confusion, Frustration.

end of paste.

So there you have it, the son, probably a Sander's supporter, voted early and reported long lines to his Parents. The Parents, Hillary Clinton supporters, waited until the lines subsided and both were denied a chance to vote. Same for 50 year old Ron Fitzgerald, who based on his age also fits the profile of a Hillary Clinton voter, denied a chance to vote in the Hawaii Caucus as well.

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