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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Cenk Uygur's Super Tuesday Downward Spiral into Clinton Derangement Syndrome.

Cenk Uygur's "Bernie Sanders won Super Tuesday" Rant is devoid of statistical truthfulness.

What Cenk doesn't tell you about Super Tuesday is that two of Bernie's four victories were in democrat caucus contests. What Cenk Uygur won't tell you is that Hillary Clinton is KNOWN to do between 10 to 30 points worse in democrat caucus contests than her actual popularity if that same state had had a primary contest instead. It is very likely that if Colorado and Minnesota had actually run primaries instead of caucuses Hillary Clinton would have won both Colorado and Minnesota. 

In 2008 Barack Obama doubled Hillary Clinton's delegates among all the democrat caucus contests even though Hillary Clinton was either tied or leading in polling done just prior to the caucus contests.

When a former republican operative  (Cenk Uygur) now preening as a democrat progressive posts in a major publication (Huffington Post) named after a former republican now posing as a democrat progressive (Arianna Huffington), little things like the truth just don't seem to  matter. The truth is that Minnesota and Colorado democrat caucus contests DID NOT represent what the majority of the voters in those two states wanted. 

Cenk's selective handling of the truth is his way of trying to get what he wants even if it isn't the truth. Coming from a former republican turned democrat progressive, why trust that windbag's brontifications?

What matters most is that Hillary Clinton went into Bernie's territory and won a Massachusetts PRIMARY, primarily because Massachusetts is a primary state rather than a Caucus contest. While the Uygur's of the world try and sell caucus wins as being as legitimate as primary wins (they are not), what Cenk won't tell you is that Hillary Clinton is leading Bernie Sanders by at least 10 percent in all of the democrat primary contests that have been held so far. (Apparently it's a much higher percentage than that).

So who are you going to trust, MORE primary voters who go into a voting booth and vote for Hillary Clinton, or LESS caucus voters who fill out pieces of paper in out of the way places in the cold of the night with no comfortable seating while conducting a process that takes several hours to finish?

I'm trusting Hillary Clinton and her superior winning margin in the primary state contests, and I'm most assuredly not trusting a former republican operative (Uygur) now reformed as a democrat progressive posting in a publication (Huffington Post) owned by a former republican operative turned progressive journalist (Arianna Huffington) whose missions appear to be taking down Hillary Clinton.

Please consider signing the Debt Neutrality Petition by by clicking here.

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