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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Bernie Sanders "Show us the Transcripts speech" makes no sense.

According to Bernie Sanders, because Hillary Clinton accepts significant speaking fees from wall street companies she is going to be on their side once she is president. 

Apparently Bernie Sanders wanted Hillary Clinton to speak to wall street, and charge next to nothing. No wait, Bernie Sanders didn't want Hillary Clinton to speak to wall street at all. Instead, Bernie Sanders wanted Hillary Clinton to speak to middle america, and charge large speaking fees. No wait, Bernie Sanders would have preferred Hillary Clinton speak to middle america and charge little or no speaking fees. 

Really? was that the plan Bernie, for Hillary Clinton to speak to middle america and not charge them, because according to Bernie Sanders, any other scenario would be unacceptable. And when we define middle america as being  100,000 different locations, how does one choose which 100, 200 or 200 locations Hillary would speak at for next to no money, or for free, without offending the other 99,700 places she didn't attend?

Now Bernie Sander's DEMANDS that Hillary Clinton reveal what she said to wall street. In other words, two entities exchanged intellect for money and now a third entity, Bernie Sanders, expects those two entities to reveal their bought and paid for exchange, for free, to everybody else. Because in Bernie's world, everything should be free such as Hillary Clinton speeches, health care, education, alleged trips to a resort island owned by Bernie's friend and paid for by Bernie's wife using college funds when she was head of Burlington college for 7 years. 

So the final question one must ask is, was Bernie Sanders offered a chance to speak to wall street for money, and turned it down, or was he just never asked? I sure hope Bernie Sander was offered Wall Street speaking opportunities, and turned them down, otherwise he's just acting like a third wheel who never got invited. 

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