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Sunday, March 27, 2016

After losing the primary in Arizona and then winning five consecutive caucus contests in Utah, Idaho, Hawaii, Washington, & Alaska, Bernie Sanders only gains 10,000 popular votes against Hillary Clinton's massive 2.5 million Popular Vote Lead.

10,000 votes. Really?  

After Bernie Sanders lost the primary in Arizona to Hillary Clinton and then won five caucus contests, all Bernie Sanders has to show for his effort is 10,000 more votes than Hillary Clinton? Are you kidding me?  

Caucus contests completely favor younger voters who tend to have less family obligations and are more mobile and more social, aka, Bernie Sanders supporters. 

Caucus contests mean less locations to vote, greater distances in between voting locations, and much much longer lines before one can vote. The caucus scenario certainly favors Bernie Sander's younger, more socially driven supporters over Hillary Clinton supporters who tend to skew older AND have more family, business and social obligations, or are retired and not into a 1 to 6 hour adventure just so they can vote. 

If you want to see just how dominant Hillary Clinton has been in the democrat primaries and the popular vote, click here.

Bernie Sanders is deceiving his enthusiastic but younger supporters by overspending in caucus state contests so he can amplify his winning percentage in low voter turnout caucus contest states. Bernie Sanders refuses to admit that overall caucus vote totals can be as much as 75% to 95% lower than if that same state were to hold a primary, and therefore do not fairly reflect the actual will of that state's democrat voters.

Shame on Bernie for misleading his younger supporters who will suddenly feel "Bern'd" once the next set of primaries play out.

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