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Friday, February 5, 2016

Why Hillary Clinton treads lightly when responding to Bernie Benedict Sanders Inane accusations about Wall Street and Hillary Clinton.

People just don't get how Jesus-like Hillary Clinton has become as she continues to be shrapnelized by the media, neo cons, neo liberals, and now Bernie Sanders as well. Bernie Sanders has become so clueless about the 2008 presidential democrat nomination race I would never accept him as an alternative to Hillary Clinton for president in 2016. If Bernie Sanders cannot remember as far back as 2008 and the parallel foreclosures that stole over a million homes from the middle and lower class, he's not qualified to be president now.

During the 2008 democrat presidential nomination race Hillary Clinton offered a 90 day home foreclosure moratorium during the home foreclosure crisis. Barack Obama did not. Wall Street was concerned that investors would not be able to immediately get back their money from MBS, (mortgage backed securities) if Hillary Clinton became president because all Hillary Clinton wanted to do was keep people in their homes. Imagine that, a politician who wants Wall Street to honor their MBS's rather than further tank the economy via parallel foreclosures. Wall Street wanted to profit when they created fraudulently rated MBS's, then Wall Street wanted all of their investor's money out by foreclosing on over a million homeowners, which basically destroyed the foreclosed upon's credit rating for up to two decades even when the foreclosed upon were paying for mortgage insurance!

Wall Street backed Barack Obama behind closed doors because Barack Obama was going to, and did, allow parallel foreclosures for any sucker who applied for a mortgage modification. Parallel Foreclosure is as it sounds, as a bank is "attempting" to modify an existing mortgage, the bank can secretly begin foreclosing on that same homeowner! Parallel Foreclosure also explains why mortgage modification applicants  had to keep resubmitting their paperwork, it was a stall tactic to ensure the foreclosure papers were processed.

But it would ridiculous to solely blame Barack Obama. The ENTIRE congressional wing, the governors of every state, and the MEDIA played even bigger roles in pretending that constitution busting Parallel Foreclosures were either no big thing, or just non-existent.

Where was Bernie Sanders in 2008 regarding Parallel Foreclosures? If Bernie Sanders was protesting Parallel Foreclosure as being unethical and even constitution busting back in 2008, then Bernie knows it was Barack Obama who was complicit to Wall Street, not Hillary Clinton. If Bernie Sanders does not know about parallel foreclosure in 2008, then he's a social activist fraud who was oblivious to over a million homeowners losing their homes to parallel foreclosure tactics. 

Either way, Hillary Clinton stayed above the fray back in 2008, and once again, now, by not taking Bernie Sander's  Wall Street bait and revealing the truth because it could hurt Barack Obama's legacy, all of congress, and even the media! The very entities that won't give her a fair shake now (with the apparent exception of Barack Obama) are the entities that allowed parallel foreclosure to thrive back when homeowners needed help the most. 

Hillary and her Jesus Like behavior of staying above the fray allows Bernie Benedict Sanders to taint her with a false flag label of being a minion to Wall Street when the opposite was true in 2008 and continues to be true today as well. 

At some point in the near future, Bernie Sanders needs to answer why he didn't fight for a million homeowners in 2008 the way that Hillary Clinton did.

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DontLikeGooglePleaseJustPublish said...

THANK YOU for this!!!

I remembered something like this from HRC's detailed, intelligent town hall speeches from 2008, but you've provided the details again.

She can't run against Obama's actual record now, or the former Obots, now Bros, would indeed crucify her.

But bloggers like you -are- free bring it to light again. You are the strongest counterweight against the media's efforts to have yet another corporatist (whichever Republican gets the nom, Sanders being a non-contender in the general) in office.

Alessandro Machi said...

Well that was one of the nicest comments I've ever received. Too bad the media won't exploit Bernie Sanders over this issue and instead will stand back and watch him continue to skewer Hillary Clinton while Hillary has to keep her mouth shut because it will make Barack Obama look bad. Either Sander's is clueless about what he is doing, or he's a scumbag for knowingly doing it, and neither scenario is acceptable to me.

Alessandro Machi said...

The progressive media won't bring up the Constitution busting Parallel Foreclosure tragedy of 2008 through 2011 because it would hurt Barack Obama's legacy. The neo con media won't bring up Parallel Foreclosure because it would help Hillary Clinton AND the Republicans had a majority in Congress and did nothing about it. If Hillary Clinton brings it up she will be attacked from all sides and be accused of being self serving and desperate for bringing it up.
So Hillary Clinton does not bring up the parallel foreclosure scandal and instead has to take the media lynching from all sides, just like Jesus Christ would have.

DontLikeGooglePleaseJustPublish said...

I'm not religious, but do see the parallels with someone known be absolutely unaffected by egotism. That was also, if I recall, the outstanding character trait of Prince Myshkin in Dostesevsky's portrait of Christ.

I do hate that so outstanding a person as Hillary Clinton seems to have already been handed the oh-so-feminine task of carrying on another's "legacy" by the media. Which in itself is a media creation, as I'm sure you know - Barack bargained away the most important part of health care reform, single payer, by negotiating with himself when he had both houses of Congress on his side and didn't need to concede anything.

That's the media's consolation prize if this once-in-three-lifetime's chance of a stellar woman winning the Presidency does happen - she won't be given credit for her work and achievements, it'll just be tacked onto someone else's "legacy".

Alessandro Machi said...

It's funny you zeroed in on Healthcare Reform as I was contemplating adding it to the Hillary as the modern day Jesus meme. Another aspect of Hillary's Jesus Narrative was not being allowed to create and be a direct part of probably two pieces of legislation that would have meant everything to Hillary Clinton, Healthcare Reform and the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay act of 2009. Even the Credit Card Reform act of 2009 was probably softened because Hillary Clinton did not get a chance to be a part of that.
One of the reasons Hillary Clinton as the modern day Jesus was written was because so few people would realize it unless the similarities are pointed out and so her naysayers might recognize themselves as the bad guys they actually are. The idea will appear so preposterous, at first, and yet more and more scenarios are being created in which she toils while others freely scorn her.

DontLikeGooglePleaseJustPublish said...

I do remember that women legislators introduced and fought for the Lilly Ledbetter Act, and also for its necessary companion, the Paycheck Fairness Act. Barack signed the first into law, but I don't remember his doing much else for it and he refused to do anything about the very necessary second part of the legislative push, the Paycheck Fairness Act.

So much to remember and look forward to, when someone who know about the issues affecting the majority of Americans is finally sworn into office January of next year.

And thank you very much for the Daily PUMA site - it's my go-to place for news every day.

Bob Harrison said...

Thanks for the info, bro. I'm gonna steal and post a bit of it. We need to remember and we need to be reminded.

Alessandro Machi said...

Thanks Bob, steal away.

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