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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Hillary Clinton is the Modern Day Version of Jesus Christ.

My biggest complaint about Hillary Clinton Supporters is they may be the only group in the world who would stand obliviously and idly by as sinister evil doers attack her in a myriad of Byzantine manners. It's almost as if Hillary Clinton supporters are cheering her on from the back, believing if they push hard enough and long enough from behind they can help their idol Hillary Clinton conquer any and all sinister actions the gutless among society will attempt, never for a moment considering actually getting in front to help clear her path and protect her from a never ending stream of media shrapnel.

Lets not forget the Shoe Throwing Incident in Las Vegas where the entire Pro Hillary Clinton audience remained seated as a shoe barely sailed by Hillary Clinton's head. Not only did the audience of Pro Hillary Clinton forces do nothing more than gasp, the same group of crazies who supported the throwing of the shoe then accused Hillary Clinton of creating the shoe throwing incident for sympathy. And its those same group of crazies who would have stomped to death any shoe thrower at a Donald Trump rally.

There was an orchestrated Iowa Caucus assault against Hillary Clinton that included Move on Dot org naming Bernie Sanders as the only democrat choice, Arianna Huffington  surrogate Camille Paglia attacking the Clinton name on Salon, ongoing attacks from the usual conservative rags, Fox and CNN purposely stacking their political analysts with virtually no Hillary Clinton supporters while allowing LIES to be told about what happened in the 2008 democrat race. 

Even local Supermarkets were cluster bombed by Globe Weekly and it's Freedom of Speech busting anti-Hillary Clinton headline. Globe ragazine was actually allowed to display a HEADLINE STATING AS FACT that Hillary Clinton WILL be put in jail for the rest of her life. Has even one Hillary Clinton supporter gone to their local supermarket and either ripped up Globe magazine or protested loudly and vigorously to the supermarket owner to get that ILLEGAL piece of tripe off the newsstand. 

The National  Enquirer does the same thing as the owner is good friends with Donald Trump.

Freedom of speech ends when it states a future scenario as being 100% fact, and that's exactly what Globe ragazine did. Where was the outrage among Hillary Clinton supporters. Why won't the FTC step in and stop the illegality of reporting the future as fact?

The sad fact is that Hillary Clinton's supporters don't fight for Hillary Clinton, they fight to get the closest spot in line so they can worship Hillary Clinton from as close a distance as possible. The sad fact is that Jesus Christ's supporters didn't fight for Jesus Christ, they fought to get the closest spot in line so they could worship Jesus from up close. 

This Wimpish behavior won't get the job done.

Please consider signing the Debt Neutrality Petition by by clicking here.

1 comment:

DontLikeGooglePleaseJustPublish said...

THANK YOU for this!!!

I remembered something like this from HRC's detailed, intelligent town hall speeches from 2008, but you've provided the details again.

She can't run against Obama's actual record now, or the former Obots, now Bros, would indeed crucify her.

But bloggers like you -are- free bring it to light again. You are the strongest counterweight against the media's efforts to have yet another corporatist (whichever Republican gets the nom, Sanders being a non-contender in the general) in office.

(may or may not have made it through Google's Byzantine setup, apologises if posted twice)

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