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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Military Veterans who died while waiting to schedule medical appointments, what might have caused this situation.

Seems strange that there always seems to be a controversy regarding veteran medical care. During the Bush Jr. administration, squalid conditions were reported in veterans hospitals. Apparently they were then cleaned up.  

Now in Barack Obama's term, we hear reports that dozens or perhaps hundreds or maybe even thousands of veterans were delayed before being able to set an appointment. Apparently significant numbers of veterans died while waiting to either set an appointment, or to be seen after making an appointment.

I was watching David Letterman a night or two ago as he interviewed a highly decorated medal of valor when suddenly the reason hit me as to why these ongoing Veteran Medical care problems may exist. The Letterman medal of valor guest had dived on a grenade to save the soldiers around him. Mission accomplished, except for himself.

I do not recall how many surgeries this soldier went through, but it was around a 100 at the very least. Suddenly I understood the conundrum the military hospitals face on a daily basis. Intake one soldier who gave up so much, and the instinct to give them back their life as much as possible takes over.

Here is where it gets twisted. No matter how one does a military hospital budget, it may be inevitable that 2% of the patients will require 50% or more of the hospital resources. It's very difficult for that fact to be acknowledged by the bean counters and number crunchers and the result is what we get, delays for the many so the deserving few get a chance to live a semi normal life again.

Even if military hospital budgets were doubled, it still could mean that 5% of the patients require 50% of the hospital's resources, which could still mean a waiting period for others who have not been "intaked" yet.

I am very curious if the war profiteer companies ever step up and donate any of their dozens of billions of dollars in profits to help out the military hospitals in the U.S.

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I would suggest that instead of putting veterans on long, secret waiting lists, VA health care facilities offer them vouchers to use at clinics of their choice - no veteran should have to die while on a secret waiting list. Our govt. should provide funding for such vouchers.

Alessandro Machi said...

An awesomely excellent idea, Virginia. Not only do they get seen more quickly, it gives the rest of us a better perspective and even a chance to help in some unknown way if the situation arose.

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