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Saturday, March 1, 2014

More Evidence of the Integrity of the Bill Clinton Administration (and Hillary Clinton) regarding Health Care and what to say and not say.

I believe there really was a lot of heartfelt, intelligent internal White House discussions during the Bill Clinton years in the 90's. While Barack Obama had no problem slinging out impossible promises regarding ObamaCare, the Clintons purposely stayed away from false promises. CNN exposes the difference in this article.    

I've said it before, I'll say it now. Hillary Clinton was thrown under the bus in 2008 by George Soros and the higher echelon of the democrat party because she was not going to take crap from Wall Street, and she was not going to deceive the american people over Health Care Reform.

For Barack Obama during his 2008 campaign, it seems like it really was about the sky opening up and celestial angels singing and change would magically happen, aka, saying whatever it took to get elected.

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Bob Harrison said...

"Where have all the O-bots gone,
long time passing..."

We'll see if they're still active after this post. Agree with everything you said, btw.

Alessandro Machi said...

Thanks Bob. Where have all the Hillary Clinton supporters gone? Seems like a lot of the PUMA's who were Hillary Clinton supporters may have been for personal gain above and beyond all other reasons because they never post here.

And the irony of that is DailyPUMA is still probably the fastest way to get the largest cross section of opinion from former and possibly present day Hillary Clinton Supporters.

Many PUMA's can't get over their dislike of Barack Obama and realize it no longer does much good to keep slamming him.

Anonymous said...

I just now found you. I read somatic ally after election because PUMAs were a bit extreme for my taste but I fundamentally agreed.

Anonymous said...

I was a Hillary Clinton supporter, and check in here regularly. Not sure what we're supposed to do now. Clearly, the press is attacking her with misquotes, already (the Putin / Nazis issue).

If the Democrats still won't support her, even after her loyal service to Prince Barak, what can any of us do?

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