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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Mitt Romney can't keep his stupid mouth shut regarding Bill Clinton.

Mitt Romney's revisionist history regarding Bill Clinton needs to be thoroughly cleansed. Romney thinks that Bill Clinton embarrassed the country. 

Did you all know several of the Republican 12 who went after Bill Clinton in the 90's were having their own affairs? Did you know some of the original 12 republican witch hunters had to resign. Did you know that Larry Flynt had info on some of the 12 Bill Clinton witch hunters but did not release the info. 

One of the most prominent Republicans back then did not even take part in the Bill Clinton witch hunt, aka New Gingrich, because he was involved with an intern himself!

I find it repulsive when out of touch billionaires like Mitt Romney think embarrassment matters more than intentionally and methodically destroying the middle class via absolutely unethical and ongoing parallel foreclosure practices. I find it repulsive when Mitt Romney  stays mum over the sequestration of the elderly's home equity they spent a lifetime building up and now can't access because their income is allegedly too low (it is not, but the standards have been set to make it look like they are too low).

It is this type of out touch mentality where "embarrassment" matters more than millions losing their homes that continues to disable the Republican party.
So lets just clean up Romney's contaminated bile. Bill Clinton is THE ONLY PRESIDENT in the last 90 years to LOWER his annual budget deficit for 8 consecutive years. Should Bill Clinton be embarrassed about that, Mr. Romney?
Bill Clinton left office MORE POPULAR than when he was elected and is the ONLY PRESIDENT over the last 90 years to achieve that feat as well. Should Bill Clinton be embarrassed about that, Mr. Romney?

As for Benghazi, 22 veterans commit suicide in the U.S. EVERYDAY. So explain to me Mr. Romney how Benghazi is a tempest and the suicides of 22 veterans a day in the U.S. is a teapot?

And then explain to me how Benghazi is a tempest while 911 didn't result in George Bush being grilled? The answer is as much as I have contempt for what the democrat higher ups did to Hillary Clinton in 2008, the democrats didn't go after George Bush for allowing the U.S. to be so easily compromised in 2001, yet insane Republican clown posses attempt to paint Benghazi as being worse than 911.

Attack on U.S. soil when we were forewarned, no heads roll, attack on foreign soil, heads roll. So Mr. Romney, which was worse, 911, or Benghazi? Mr. Romney, which IS worse, Benghazi, or 22 veterans committing suicide everyday in the U.S.

Please consider signing the Debt Neutrality Petition by by clicking here.


Bob Harrison said...

Great! That's one of the most spirited takedowns I've read in ages. Bravo!

Alessandro Machi said...

Thanks Bob!

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