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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Revisiting my three June 2008, PUMA blog shutdowns by what looks to be a company called Masergy Communications.

In June of 2008 many Hillary Clinton Puma bloggers had their blogs shut down for a few days. Google claimed that they thought they were spam blogs because of the links and had to review them one by one before allowing them to go back online. 

I had three blogs frozen for a few days between June 20, 2008 to June 24th, 2008. Don't recall the exact time frame. However, my stat counter at that time showed that my three blogs that were shut down had as a last visitor the same IP address, and all three blogs had the IP visit at almost the same moment in time, just before they were shut down.

The I.P. address was

Many bloggers switched to a different blogging platform in protest of the shut down of Puma Blogs. Too bad because Google does have the best and most generous RSS feed options of probably any blogging format out there.

I tried looking up Masergy Communications on muckety dot com, but nothing came up then, and nothing comes up now. However, one could muckety the executive officers of Masergy communications and and see who they are connected to. Although I am not sure they are still the same officers now as in 2008.

Would be neat to know who initiated the massive shut down of PUMA blogs at such a critical moment in 2008.

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Bob Harrison said...

I was also shut down for awhile, though I don't remember any specific details other than bitching at Google then the blog refiring. It is VERY interesting that so many of us went down around the same tine.

Alessandro Machi said...

And I don't think Masergy Communications was ever investigated. Although it would be kind of funny for the incoming president who may have benefited politically from the blog takedown to then initiate an investigation against the very company that might have been responsible regarding the blog shutdowns.

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