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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Krystal Ball is the latest Hillary Clinton Concern Troll, and yes, she works for MSNBC.

29 year old Krystal Ball, who claims to have been a big Hillary Clinton supporter in 2008 (lol, to that), has voiced her "concern" in an MSNBC commentary that 2016 is just not the right year for a Hillary Clinton presidency. This is known as "concern troll" commentary, pretending to want someone but then sobbing as they explain why "it just can't be, sigh".

In the past DailyPUMA has warned about MSNBC's Hillary Clinton Derangement Syndrome on several occasions. MSNBC's H.C.D.S. will also now be known as Progressive Insanity Syndrome, P.I.S. 

P.I.S. afflicts MSNBC and their inability to simply shut the f-up and let democrat voters decide who they want as their nominee in 2016. Would not surprise me if Arianna Huffington is lurking in the background, again. 

This person really hates Arianna Huffington.

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