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Friday, January 3, 2014

Rush Limbama's January 03, 2014 Hillary Clinton Tirade.

Rush Limbaugh puts together a poor group of reasons as to why Hillary Clinton should not be president. 

Limbaugh apparently believes that because Bill Clinton may have slept around, Hillary Clinton should not be president. Yet in the same article, four time married, drug user Limbaugh states that Hillary Clinton will get her chance specifically because she did damage control and has been a good soldier. 

If Hillary Clinton had not been a "good soldier", Limbama would be using that as an excuse to relabel Ms. Clinton as a "Polarizing" presence. Concisely put, no matter what Hillary Clinton had done, Limbama would have used it as a reason to cast aspersions toward another Hillary Clinton presidential run. I can't stand that type of catch-22 pseudo analytical BS.

Even when Limbama mentioned that the democrat higher ups preferred Obama to Hillary Clinton in 2008, he makes it seem like it was a wise decision made by wise people. Yet Limbama rants daily about these very same democrat higher ups. It would seem to me that Hillary Clinton not being preferred in 2008 by democrat higher ups who Limbama considers to be dolts would actually be a card in Clinton's favor. Limbama can't even get his talking points to mesh.

Then Limbaugh brings up "Benghazi". Any person who brings up Benghazi while giving George Bush and obscene War profiteer V.P. George Cheney a pass for FORCING U.S. soldiers into unarmored Humvees in Iraq, inadequate bullet proof vest supplies, not properly filtering the soldier's drinking water and everyday water while in Iraq, and allowing absolutely SQUALID military hospital conditions upon the soldiers return to the U.S., IS A BIG FUCKING IDIOT. 

If you repeat the word Benghazi without acknowledging Bush and Cheney's war crimes against their own country's soldiers, you are fucking douchebag, idiot nincompoop.

And then Limbama brings up Hillary Care? What the fuck is that? There is no Hillary Care. There is Obama Care that is to some degree derived from Romney Care.

Maybe the caller from Rochester that was mentioned in the linked article above is on to something. Limbama does want Hillary Clinton to win so he can make up all kinds of stuff for the next four years. 

If I were Bill Clinton, I would clock Limbama now for slamming Hillary Clinton so nonchalantly after chumming up to Mr. Clinton during the 2008 democrat nomination race.

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