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Thursday, January 16, 2014

DailyPUMA receives huge Spike in Hits over past few weeks.

DailyPUMA receives huge Spike in Hits over past few weeks.

However, can't take any credit for it. I think some entities are testing out how various browsers respond to DailyPUMA's rather bodacious RSS layout. I base this on having over 90% firefox users a week ago, now firefox users are down to 2% and other browsers have taken over. Lots of hits from Europe as well.

My own current articles are getting very average number of hits per day so they aren't really clamoring for my stuff. But older articles of mine are getting large hits.

Could also have something to do with the launch of a Dailypuma in another URL by another entity. But this points out another irony. All the blogs that I feature on DailyPUMA, only a handful have bothered to link back. In the end that hurts you, and also points to a bit of a narcissist edge, no? Why wouldn't a blog that gets hits from DailyPUMA not want to give hits back?

As I have noticed, almost all blogs go through a down time, and DailyPUMA is the first to notice new articles from dormant sites and jump them to the top of their column, helping to spread the word that a dormant blog has now become active again. Yet those blogs never really acknowledge that. lol, many have even banned me, especially the pro Hillary Clinton lesbian sites.

Being a male moderate blogger who supports Hillary Clinton, who in reality is a moderate liberal, galls the progressives, angers the lesbian bloggers who for the most part don't like men, and also seems to inflame conservatives as well.

I think people who have to color every news event from either a conservative or progressive viewpoint only, have much bigger problems than I do. I feel so free being able to take a shot at Rush Limbama in one article, ridicule Christie in another, than criticize Obamaj, or his wife. (The Michelle Obama article is coming soon).

I don't hate any of them full time, I just don't worship them either. Hillary Clinton I admire because I can relate to how the ultra neo cons and the ultra progressives can't stand the idea of a moderate trying to get the best from both sides.

Christie probably secretly blessed the bridge gate gridlock, Hillary Clinton would have built another lane to prevent gridlock because that's what moderates do, they accommodate those they believe to have a good heart and good intentions, even when those same people don't return the goodness back. 

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Bob Harrison said...

Glad you're getting the traffic for whatever reason. I really appreciate the last paragraph; there seem to be so few moderates around that it really feels lonely at times, particularly if you're in the South and get pilloried by both "Liberals" and "Conservatives" on a daily basis.

Alessandro Machi said...

The irony about being a moderate is that it is not something to bellow out at the top of one's lungs the way a neo con or progressive might.

The result being that moderates rarely mingle amongst themselves. The disconnection of Edward's supporters from the Hillary Clinton camp by the democrat party has led to massive political gridlock.

Bob Harrison said...

True. Though I am an ardent Clinton supporter now, I can understand why some Edwards people ended up with Obama.

Alessandro Machi said...

Was it some Edwards supporters who ended up with Obama, or most?

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