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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Daily Puma was right about George Zimmerman.

As originally stated about George Zimmerman on Daily Puma back on July 14, 2013, Zimmerman may or may not have murdered Trayvon Martin, but it sure looked like Zimmerman combo'd his defense into a security guard with the right to engage a private citizen who had not broken any law, and also a private citizen defending himself.

Daily Puma's point was if Zimmerman was tried strictly as either a private citizen, or strictly as a security officer, he violates some aspect of the law. Zimmerman was allowed to pick and choose portions of being a security officer and portions of being a private citizen that helped his defense while prosecution seemed to ignore the parts of either defense that made Zimmerman culpable, if not to murder, than being a highly incompetent security officer or private citizen gone vigilante.

Zimmerman should have been tried as either a private citizen, or security officer, but not both, that is what apparently created undeserved wiggle room.

Anyone notice that it is easier to be right about something when one is neither a neo con extremist or an ultra progressive whack a noodle?

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Bob Harrison said...

I got roasted because I didn't toe the knee jerk liberal line. As I told one of over wrought friends, "I'm not going to let someone beat me to death just so I can say I'm a liberal." You are, of course, right on point.

Anonymous said...

From freespirit:

For me, the issue was less about whether a legitimate case could be made against Zimmerman. He clearly had some issues. My problem was about the fact that Holder and Obama found it appropriate to involve themselves in this case, basically turning the country against an individual whom they believed to be racist.

Obviously, it's a tragedy when anyone is killed, especially a young man like Martin. But, the media did the AA community no favor, nor did POTUS or Holder, when they made him a martyr. He was a youth who apparently identified with and from some accounts, sought out a culture of drugs, gangs and violence. That does not mean he deserved to die, obviously. Young people make poor decisions, sometimes fatal ones, especially when they lack parental guidance.

Martin's life could have been better honored by using his death - not as a vehicle through which to incite racial conflict and violence throughout the country, as Holder, Obama, the media and others did - but by using their clout to encourage and support families and the community in efforts to help at-risk youth make more positive life choices, and by providing resources to support such an effort.

Zimmerman had his problems, but I don't think media or Holder, despite their efforts, proved that this Hispanic-American (repeated referred to as white by MSM - making it a white on black crime) was racially motivated. Media reported misinformation, (aka lied) when they reported that Zimmerman used racially charged language in the 911 call.

Martin's death was exploited by media, Holder, and Obama. They did him and his community a disservice.

Alessandro Machi said...

I don't think how Martin was "used" after his death has true relevance to Zimmerman one way or another.

I go strictly on Zimmerman as the pursuer of someone who apparently looked suspicious to Zimmerman but had not done anything illegal.

I still stand by the main premise, Zimmerman wore the disguise of community enforcer during the entire encounter with Martin, but was then allowed to defend himself as a private citizen during his trial.

Pick one or the other for both events that happened, not cherry pick two different reality modes to best serve his defense. The judge and prosecution did not seem to notice that this is exactly what the Zimmerman defense did.

If Zimmerman is required to pick either a law enforcement defense, or a private person defense and not mix them up to his complete advantage, he prbably gets charged with something that puts him in jail for a couple of years, which is what I think should have happened.

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