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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Move on Dot Org, aka Bank Transfer Day, attacks my Debt Suspension Rights Facebook page.

(Apparently the video above has now been removed).

I saw the above video on Bank Transfer Day's Facebook page and wrote the following response.  

lol, Move on dot org, they screwed over Hillary Clinton in 2008 by interfering in the democrat presidential nomination race before the voters had decided the outcome, and now they want to fix the mess they helped create, wow.
Bank Transfer Day sent me a message...

Click on message to enlarge, it's worth it. 

I only posted three different messages on Bank Transfer Day (which included the comment underneath the video and a separate response to another commenter), but that was enough for the Move On Dot Org nannies, or is that ninnies, to vow revenge against my facebook page, irrespective of how wonderfully proactive for consumers and solutions based my facebook page is.

This is why you should be afraid of both neo conservatives and progressive liberals, they think their shit never stinks and the other side is always wrong, and if you are not in step with their ideals, you are irrelevant.

I'm proud to be a moderate who supports Hillary Clinton, are you? 

If you agree that Debt Suspension Rights for Consumers, where are they?, is a legitimate cause, please like my facebook page.

Please consider signing the Debt Neutrality Petition by by clicking here.

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