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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Few things are more important than Consumer Debt Suspension Rights.

Click here for most recent DailyPUMA article.  Click here to review/sign the Debt Neutrality Petition.

If you have been caught up in the George Soros vs Koch Brother's led Progressive (aka, ultras) Liberals vs Neo Conservative (ultras as well) Republican debates, you are being duped.

If you think you are an outside the box thinker because you listen to Alex Jones, you are still being duped. No matter what the "ultra's" argue about, at the present time, there are no consumer "Debt Suspension Rights" in the United States.

What does it matter if a gun lover fights for his right to own and maintain guns if 10 of his neighbors are being unfairly foreclosed upon? What does it matter if the budget is padded for social intervention if you or a friend, or neighbor loses their home via some of the dishonest foreclosure methods regularly employed by our own government?

While you may stare at the ongoing same old talking points debate between ultra's from both sides of the political spectrum, you, the moderate, aren't being protected when it comes to property and debt rights.

There are Hurricane Sandy victims who were given 90 days to make 90 days worth of mortgage payments. That is the extent of Debt Suspension rights they have been given in this country. A hurricane destroys a couples workplace, their home is damaged well beyond the insurance coverage, and the best that family can get is 90 days to make a 90 day mortgage payment?  Really?

I suggest you all start using the phrase "Debt Suspension Rights" at least once a day, forever, or, until Debt Suspension Rights actually exist. Stop taking sides politically, both neocon and progressive ultra viewpoints are basically those of raving lunatics hell bent on preventing the other side from ruining the country. 

It is insane to staunchly support either side all of the time. Instead, protect yourself. If you find yourself in a place where you can ask why americans have NO Debt Suspension Rights, see how flummoxed the other entity is as they stumble for an answer.

Please consider signing the Debt Neutrality Petition by by clicking here.

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