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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Gay Marriage advocates like Rachel Maddow basically spit on heterosexual foreclosures for the past several years.

I can only take extremely small doses of Rachel Maddow (and never on MSNBC as they are still on my boycott list, along with the other cable news network shows found nearby) because she has perfected the art of coming off as a likeable, gosh gee whiz kind of intellectual fraud.

Rachel came on the David Letterman show earlier this morning, and may I add, right after Louis CK, who a few feminsts have put in their sites as being anti woman, a ridiculous claim. I just saw small portion of the middle of the Maddow interview and caught her gosh gee whiz act about gay marriage, and suddenly it dawned on me an additional reason about the gay marriage issue that is frustrating the heck out of me.

There have literally been millions of homeowners who have been unfairly foreclosed upon over the past several years and I think it is fair to surmise that MANY of them have been married, heterosexual couples.

Possibly those most severely victimized were those who had paid off their homes but were near retirement age or retired, and I think we can agree that at least 80% to 90% of those homeowners were either single, or heterosexual married couples.

For those who were already retired and simply wanted to slowly take out a modest amount of equity out of their home every month, many only had the option of a reverse mortgage. Reverse Mortgages require mortgage insurance which will basically take a THIRD of the total value of the home over the course of a 10 to 15 year draw on the equity, the interest rate charges on that reverse mortgage another third, and finally, only a third is left for the retirees!

That's it, approximately one third of the actual value of the home equity would go to the retirees were they simply wanting to take out a modest amount out of equity on a monthly basis from their home over a 10 to 15 year time period!

It's even worse if one was nearing retirement age but had lost their job prospects due to a combination of their skill set being obsoleted or just not fitting into a younger age demographic for certain types of work. Those over 50 and without a job who wanted to slowly pull out equity of their home would be forced to pretty much sell their home, even if they had already paid it off!

Did the gay movement move in and help these people, many just too old or beaten down by the system to really fight back, in their fight to save their homes? Please, show me the evidence, because I don't think it exists.

So what we have are what I despise most about progressive democrats, elitists who curry sympathy with the media by portraying others as being boarish, and Rachel Maddow is one of their leaders.

So tell me Rachel Maddow, is it really so weird that many heterosexuals who actually support gay marriage are ALSO PUT OFF by the insinuation that a gay marriage is identical to a heterosexual marriage (the fertility issue is a HUGE DIFFERENCE as it allows a gay marriage much more freedom sexually and when to choose to have kids), what did you do from your TV show pulpit over the past 6 years to help older homeowners keep their homes, most of whom were either heterosexual or single?

More likely, that time was spent by Maddow fighting for causes in which she could portray republican politicians as the oppressors, that's her shtick. 

Picture Maddow as the new kid on the block who sees a line of desperate people trying to make sense out of how all of their life long investments turned to mush, and then they can't even tap into their own homes, even if paid off. All Maddow does is walk on by diverting attention away from our older population that is suffering huge, unfair home equity losses and instead turns our attention to those wascally wepublicans who want to stop gay marriage and bust unions (got pension fraud?).

At least republicans are bold and obtuse with their sometimes outdated viewpoints, Maddow is simply cunning, yet both have lost the huge moderate base.

I hope Hillary Clinton can navigate around both extremist philosophies and tap into the huge moderate base that has been deprived from having their issues discussed by the fringy media.

Please consider signing the Debt Neutrality Petition by by clicking here.

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