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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Culturally Insensitive Judge universally applauded for bullying 18 year old Penelope Soto.

(Wednesday, Feb. 6, 2013 update... Apparently the judge is hispanic, although he sounds Irish to me. I still think he baited her with his "bye, bye" comment, and the word "adios", is this really an insult all of the time when it is used by itself?  End of Feb. 6, 2013 update)

(Saturday, Feb. 9, 2013 update), Judge was only "funnin" about the 30 day sentence, called the girl back into chambers and freed her after she apologized, and he even said he did not want to be seen as a monster, or something to that affect, proving my point that he was being an asshole. What is amazing to me is how ALL of the news bureaus make no mention of the Judge's disrespectful "bye bye" that PRECIPITATED her "adios" comment. You see how the media just parrots each other?  

I really wish Penelope Soto would sue the judge, and the media for misrepresenting the story as well. The judge EGGED HER ON with his "bye bye" comment, and nobody will admit to that. How can we trust the media to get anything right if they can't even form their own unique opinion on a piece of video but instead just take one interpretation and repeat it over and over? And yes, this is a prime example of a patriarchal moment gone unpunished. End of Feb. 9, 2013 update)

It appears to me that Penelope Soto is either on something, or just plain giggly and goofy, or immature, or some combination of all of the above.

However, the judge seems to start the incident by disrespectfully saying "bye bye" as he waves her away with an arm motion like she's a piece of garbage. 

Ms. Soto responds by saying "adios". 

The judge, in a moment of what I believe is cultural insensitivity, assumes that her "adios" has a bad connotation and takes her "adios" as an insult and begins adding SIGNIFICANT penalties to her sentence.

The phrase "adios" means "I commend you to God". 

Even if Ms. Soto used the phrase in a disparaging way, the judge seeded that moment by first waving his hand and saying "bye, bye" like she was a worthless piece of trash, and that's not setting the proper example for her.

I think the judge should be sanctioned by his peers, suspended, and I hope some savvy lawyer sues the judge for harassment and culturally insensitivity against Ms. Soto.

And Ms. Soto, I hope you grow up, and fast. Ironically, the wrongness of the judge may actually help her grow up faster, but it sure looks like he may have overstepped his judicial boundary to do it. 

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Bob Harrison said...

What a jackass.

Alessandro Machi said...

Apparently, both are hispanic, although the judge sounds Irish to me.

Chris Bisset said...
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Chris Bisset said...
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city said...

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